What’s Next After Firing Of Ken Whisenhunt?


It happened. The Tennessee Titans fired coach Ken Whisenhunt. With a 3-20 record in the last 23 games and 4-31 in the last 35, many people believe this is the best move. But, it shouldn’t be the only move.

Finding A Nashville Resident As CEO should be the very next step. Find an owner who loves the city, loves the team, and will hire the best guys for the job and give this city what it absolutely deserves. Nothing will be solved for the two-toned blue until this step is taken.

Firing Webster And Finding A New General Manager is next. This allows the opportunity for said GM and the new ownership to find a head coach they both agree with and can grow with. Failure to do this step will make the Whisenhunt firing completely pointless.

Finding The Right Head Coach is easier said than done. Find the right coach who has the ability to use his talent correctly and who has great leadership. Marcus Mariota has talent. He, along with the other talent, needs leadership and a solid foundation.

Titans nation is excited about the firing, but this isn’t the only step to making this franchise great again. It begins with a cleanup of ownership on down to the benchwarmers. This entire team needs a change.

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