5 Reasons Why Titans General Manager Is Doomed.


Let the fun begin. Now that Ken Whisenhunt is out of Nashville, all of the hashtags and rumors are raining down like confetti around the National Football League. There are some who want Chip Kelly to reunite with the quarterback he pushed so hard for during the offseason, Marcus Mariota. Then there are the others who want to bring the Jeff Fisher Era back to Nashville. Take a step back, though, Titans nation. It’s not over yet. Here are 5 reasons why the next person out of a job will be the Tennessee Titans General Manager Ruston Webster.

Failure To Address – As far as I’m concerned, every time the Titans interim CEO Steve Underwood was asked about the future of Webster, he didn’t give a clear answer. This could mean either one of the following things: He’s interested in securing the future of Webster with Tennessee or he has not fully decided yet on the future of Webster. Everybody knows it’s the second of those two. Underwood stated that everybody in the organization is under review, and yes, that includes you, Webster. Webster was asked to attend the conference Tuesday after Whisenhunt’s firing, but was not asked to speak. Although, Webster was there to inform Whisenhunt that he was fired.

Average Roster Performance – From Jake Locker to Justin Hunter, some of Webster’s questionable draft choices seemed to fluster right before our eyes. The Titans fans pray to God Marcus Mariota doesn’t fall into that category. Here are some names drafted during the Webster era that might seem familiar: Chance Warmack, Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter, Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Brian Schwenke, Derrick Morgan, there are more, but you get the point. That’s pretty good considering that a lot of those players are still here today, but drafting a few of these players means he skipped over guys like Zac Stacy and Lavonte David who would have had this team in good position right now. Underwood said that the roster performance has been “Average.” If average is enough to keep Webster in this organization then that’s a bad message to send to the fans.

Firing Whisenhunt – History has shown that when a coach goes out the door, usually the General Manager follows. History also show that that’s usually the best way to do it. It’s not beneficial to keep a General Manager and fire a coach. When the new coach comes in, he won’t really have a say-so in the system because the General Manager has more experience with the team, therefore he knows what the team needs, at least he thinks he does. The Titans will bring in a new General Manager along with their new coach and look to build this team up from scratch.

Desire For New Direction – Titans ownership have constantly expressed their desire for a new direction, with 2/3 of the executive personnel with “interim” in their name, I think a new direction is pretty much the only option. What’s a better way to brighten this team’s future other than getting rid of the General Manager and starting fresh? The passion to want a new journey for the lost franchise in Nashville isn’t necessarily ringing well in Webster’s ears. To the fans, that’s music to theirs. Expect Webster to be out of a job by January if the Titans don’t miraculously make the playoffs.

Inconsistency – This part just isn’t fair. Webster drafted his guys for a scheme and thought he was set, then Whisenhunt comes in and changes the entire format. Because of that, the defense struggled mightily and people saw that as failure on Webster’s part when it came to the draft. I know earlier in this blog I said “Average Roster Performance.” That’s not saying he’s bad when it comes to the draft, that’s saying he took some questionable decisions, skipping over players who has played well for their respective teams, and his risks aren’t paying off. We’ll wait and see for Dorial Green-Beckham.

I have much respect for Ruston Webster, but all indications are saying he’ll be out of the door next. What do you think? Should Ruston Webster be fired?

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