TNS Week In Review: Three Things We All Learned


Let’s review the week we witnessed, it was a wild week full of a lot of wins.

Let’s start with the Nashville Predators, who had a pretty good week. They defeated the Senators on Tuesday 7-5, dropped to the Maple Leafs 2-1, then shut out the Jets 7-0, all at home! A winning week improves the Preds record to 10-3-3.

What I Learned: The guys in gold just refuse to quit. The 7-5 win was due to determination and confidence. The Preds are for real.

Next up, the Tennessee Titans. A loss to the Carolina Panthers was predicted by everyone who aren’t Titans fans. Marcus Mariota proved that he can fare well against such a tough defense. Unfortunately, the Titans defense spent too much time on the field in the second half, turning a 14-10 deficit into a 27-10 deficit.

What I Learned: Despite the loss, the Titans showed attitude and toughness. If the Titans give the offense some more weapons, the Titans will be contenders.

Memphis Grizzlies started the week with two losses to the Clippers and to the Warriors, then capped it off with two wins vs Blazers and Timberwolves.  Pretty average. But, as they say, it’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish. Maybe the Grizzlies can build off this 5-6 record.

What I Learned: Obviously, the Grizzlies started bad. They resembled a high school basketball team at times, but they’ve cleaned a few things up and are starting to look more and more like the Grizzlies we all love.

One Undercover Rumor: Rumors indicate that Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning could be searching for an executive position after this season. The chances of Manning grabbing an executive position for the Tennessee Titans or Volunteers is higher than ever.

Tennessee Collegiates

#Volunteers: Football team defeats North Texas 24-0 to improve to 6-4. Basketball team defeats UNC Asheville 82-79 to start 1-0.

#GoTigersGo – Memphis football dramatically fall to Houston 35-34 to drop to 8-2. Memphis basketball defeats Southern Miss 67-49 to begin 1-0.

#Vanderbilt – Football team defeats Kentucky 21-17 to improve to 4-6. Ranked 18 basketball team routes Austin Peay 81-40 to begin 1-0.

#BlueRaiders – MTSU defeats FAU 24-17 to improve to 5-5 on the season.

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