Is It Time For The NFL To Address The Officials?


You hear it all the time. Look into the comment section of a losing team’s post and witness fans blame losses on the referees. It’s become natural. Recently, though, officiating in the National Football League has taken a left turn. There’s been penalties called on one end, but when the exact same thing happens on the other end the referees would call the penalties off.

One example would be during the Tennessee Titans vs Buffalo Bills game earlier this season when a tackle on Titans rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota was exactly the same as a tackle on Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor. The Bills were awarded 15 yards in addition to the 30 yards they originally gained, but the Titans were awarded nothing.

Outside of Tennessee, a blown call in the Jacksonville Jaguars vs Baltimore Ravens game a few weeks ago cost the Ravens a win, and Monday night’s absurd refereeing during the Patriots and Bills game probably cost the Bills a chance to tie the game.  Rumors say three head coaches told Bleacher Report they want massive officiating changes and possible suspensions following the Monday Night Football “abomination”.

Should officiating be addressed in the NFL? Comment your opinions below or on the following sites:

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