Tennessee Sports Predictions: Will The Titans Get Their First Nissan Stadium Win?


Happy Thanksgiving from T.N.S! We have some fascinating contests this weekend, kicking off on Friday and wrapping up Sunday evening in Nashville. The Predators finally ended a head scratching drought after winning their first game to bury a few heartbreaking shutouts. The Memphis Grizzlies have won six out of their last seven games and are sitting two games above .500%. So what does this weekend have in store for us?

Nashville Predators (12-6-3) vs Philadelphia Flyers (7-10-5)

The Predators just can’t seem to win when they outshoot their opponents, yet they win when they’re outshot. Strange? I think so. The Predators have a huge chip on their shoulder after suffering consecutive shutouts. They are determined to come back to Nashville with two straight wins. The Predators will leave Phili with a 3-2 win and a 13-6-3 record. — Friday at 2:30pm on FOXSports Tennessee

Memphis Tigers (2-2) vs Ohio State Buckeyes (2-2) Basketball

The mighty Tigers are coming into this game with the edge in momentum because the Buckeyes are coming in with a two game losing streak. Memphis average 73.0 points per game, while Ohio State is right above them with 75.0. This game will be a close one down in Miami. Dedric Lawson will be the difference, his performance will give the Tigers a victory by a score of 83-78. — Friday at 6:30pm on ESPN2

Atlanta Hawks (10-7) vs Memphis Grizzlies (9-7)

The Grizzlies are coming off a hot streak. They’ve won six out of their last seven, as mentioned before in this article, and most of those games came against Texas teams. When Memphis wins a ball game, you can bet they’ve scored 100+ points. When they lose, they’re below 100. This feisty Atlanta Hawks team has only allowed 100 points in 23% of their games, and not to mention they’ve scored 100 in most of them. The Grizzlies will put up a fight, but they will fall short by a score of 105-97. — Friday 7:00pm on FOXSports South

Tennessee Volunteers (4-1) vs George Washington (5-0)

One thing that stood out to me about this G.W team is that they are unranked and they’ve defeated a ranked team. Impressive. The Volunteers have yet to face a ranked team, but that doesn’t mean they can’t defeat one. Both of these ball clubs come into this game averaging 83.4ppg, and they allow just about the same per game. This game will be a close one, but G.W will stay undefeated after this one. They win 87-83. — Friday at 8:00pm on ESPN3

Tennessee Titans (2-8) vs Oakland Raiders (4-6)

The Titans haven’t won at Nissan Stadium in over a year – about 410 days as of today. In case you didn’t know, that ain’t good. There hasn’t been a single win in the “Nissan Stadium” era, the current home losing streak stands at 10, and the all-time NFL record is 14. The Oakland Raiders were flashy to start the year. If you watched them you’d think they were above .500, but this Raiders team is only 4-6. Their defense ranks 29th in the NFL, and we all know how well Marcus Mariota does vs defenses ranked that low. Titans’ great defense comes in ranking 6th in the NFL. On the offensive side, the Raiders rank 12th, and the Titans rank 30th. Numbers don’t lie, people. Mariota is about to have himself another great game and the Titans will win 35-27 and grab their first win at Nissan Stadium since October of 2014.  — Sunday at noon on CBS

Noticeable Mentions

Tennessee 30 vs Vanderbilt 6 — Saturday at 3:00pm on SECN
SMU 10 Memphis 44 — Saturday at 11pm/ct on ESPNN
MTSU 36 UTSA 17 — Saturday at 1:30pm/ct

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