Reviewing the week and answering your questions!


This has been one interesting week for Tennessee. Let me break it down in one simple, sweet excerpt.

The Nashville Predators started the week suffering a third straight shut out, falling to the Rangers 3-0. They finally ended that shutout streak by defeating Buffalo in New York 3-2, but that ended up being their only win of the week. They fell to the Sabres again in Nashville 3-1.

Tennessee collegiate football teams played their last games on Saturday. Tennessee won 53-28 over Vanderbilt, and Memphis and MTSU both received lopsided wins. Memphis 63-0 over SMU and MTSU 42-7 over UTSA.

The Blue Raiders basketball team became Great Alaska Shootout Champions on Saturday defeating Toledo. The Vols basketball squad played in the Barclays Classic this week, falling to George Washington University and Nebraska. Vanderbilt basketball dropped their first game this week, losing to ranked five Kansas 70-63.

The Grizzlies had a wonderful week to say the least. The grizzly bears got three wins, and only one loss to the Atlanta Hawks 116-101. Their record sits at 10-8.

And while the AFC South is enjoying some playoffs hope, the Tennessee Titans are singing Adele – Hello on the outside, unfortunately.

Your Questions Answered!

@lperko3 asks: Why don’t the Titans train Marcus Mariota better on two minute drives? And why don’t we draft cornerbacks?

I don’t think it’s Mariota’s training that makes him fail at two minute drives. Marcus Mariota is a great quarterback. Take a look at what he’s done at quarterback with a 2-9 team. Mariota’s lack of success on two minute drills are due to the fact that he has no weapons on offense and a pretty lackluster offensive line. About the cornerbacks, believe it or not the Titans are one of the most consistent teams in the league when it comes to that position. Injuries are the only reason why that position seems to be failing this season.

@shaun.coffrey asks: Who will be the Titans first pick in the draft?

Good question, Shaun. I think the Titans will have no choice but to go wide receiver in the first round. It’s pretty obvious that Marcus Mariota lacks some consistent weapons at the position, hence the reason why Delanie Walker is the teams’ leading receiver. I think that receiver will be Sterling Shepard out of Oklahoma. This kid has the athleticism and speed to match very well with veteran wide receiver Kendall Wright. He’s quick off the line of scrimmage and that’ll be great for Marcus Mariota to get the ball out of his hands quick. Take a look at his highlights here.

@fastruner41 asks: Do the Broncos have a chance to beat the Pats?


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