#AskTNS: Has Dorial Green-Beckham finally exploded?


Grizz and Titans nations rejoice after both squads refused to surrender a loss on Sunday evening. The Tennessee Titans looked as if they were going to blow another fourth quarter after trailing 32-28 to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Memphis Grizzlies looked like they were going to fall to the Suns, but both teams fought back and received their wins in dramatic fashions. That made Sunday, December 6th, 2015 one of the wildest in TNS history.

The Predators, on the other hand, are looking very shaky this season. Since Thanksgiving day, they have a 1-4 record, and they are 13-8-5 overall this season. Their last game was a 5-4 overtime loss in Detroit on Saturday.

Take a look at TNS’s standings.

Nashville Predators 13-8-5
Last game: L @Detroit 5-4
Next game: @Bruins Monday at 6pm

Memphis Grizzlies 12-9
Last game: W vs Suns 95-93
Next game: vs Thunder Tuesday at 7pm

Tennessee Titans 3-9
Last game: W vs Jaguars 42-39
Next game: @Jets Sunday 12n

Vanderbilt Commodores 6-2
Last game: L @Baylor 69-67
Next game: vs Dayton Wednes. 8pm

Tennessee Volunteers 4-3
Last game: L vs Nebraska 82-71
Next game: @Butler Saturday 1:30pm

Middle Tennessee 5-2
Last game: W vs South Alabama 68-55
Next game: vs Auburn Saturday 12pm

Memphis Tigers 5-2
Last game: W vs SE Missouri 80-65
Next game: vs Manhattan Saturday 7pm

Your Questions Answered!

@thedorito13 asks: Thoughts on Mariota and his ability to escape today? You think we’ll be seeing more of that? Do you want to see more of that? How about DGB exploding today? Future favorite target perhaps?

Marcus Mariota’s ability to escape the pocket should come at no surprise. He has tremendous awareness in the pocket and just need that reliable target to move up or out of the pocket and throw to. We will be seeing more of that, I bet, for the next decade or so. Dorial Green-Beckham had a breakout game. If he can build off Sunday’s performance, the Titans have their vertical threat guy.

@lperko3 asks: Why don’t they use Dorial Green-Beckham more and why don’t they lose to get a better draft pick? Will Chip Kelly probably be coach of the Titans?

Today was the experiment of DGB, in case you didn’t realize, he was targeted a whole lot. He responded to a test with a break out game. You can expect to see DGB a lot more the rest of the way. The Titans, by some miracle, can actually finish this season 7-9 and win the division if Colts, Texans, and Jaguars tank. We face both Texans and Colts coming up. The Titans want to finish this season with some momentum and hope. Chip Kelly says he’s committed to the Eagles, but are the Eagles committed to him? It’s slightly  possible we could witness a Mariota-Kelly reunion in Nashville. We’ll have to wait and see.

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