Marcus Mariota will be a Tennessee Titans legend.


The Tennessee Titans face the New York Jets this Sunday. Just a year ago, these teams faced off in a battle for the second NFL draft pick. The Tennessee Titans almost ruined it for themselves…by winning. The very last play of the game almost became the Music City Miracle 2.0, but tight end Delanie Walker came about five yards short.

WATCH: Delanie Walker nearly stun the New York Jets!

Thanks to those five yards, the Titans were able to draft Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota. The rookie was hyped all off season and used as a clever marketing strategy throughout Nashville. He had a great debut versus his nemesis Jameis Winston. Already this season, he’s won two AFC Offensive Player of the Week honors and became the first quarterback in history to have 250+ pass yards, 100+ yards rushing, and 3 touchdown passes in a single game.


WATCH: Marcus Mariota burns Jaguars defense!

Marcus Mariota is breaking franchise records that were once set by former franchise  quarterback  Steve McNair, and the rookie’s putting up similar numbers. Right now, there’s no doubt that this kid will one year hit the peak and fly from there.

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Titans fans, you’re bound to witness  your team win at least three Superbowls under your new franchise quarterback. Mark my words.

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