#AskTNS: Inconsistencies conquer Tennessee; Titans close to reaching success, but record says otherwise.



A little bit of hope sparked in Titans nation throughout the week, but they can officially set their sights on the NFL draft. Thanks for reading Tennessee Sports week in review, where we take a look at this week’s highlights and answer your questions!

Nashville Predators stun rivals in Smashville. The Nashville Predators faced the Chicago Blackhawks back to back and stunned them with a 5-1 win in Nashville on Thursday. The Predators evened the season series versus their arch rivals. Unfortunately, they fell to another one of their rivals Saturday night.

WATCH: Nashville Predators vs Chicago Blackhawks highlights.

Inconsistency blazing for the Memphis Grizzlies. Both of the Grizzlies wins were highly dramatic, and only twolosses were very one sided. In their loss on Sunday they blew a double-digit lead to fall to Miami by three. Grizzlies would obviously like to be contenders in the NBA, but with this inconsistency, they won’t achieve that goal.

WATCH: Matt Barnes drain three pointer from half court line!

Tennessee Titans were bullied by the New York Jets. The difference in depth and talent between those two teams were depressing. Marcus Mariota tried all he could to help the offense get going, but watched his receivers drop easy passes right in front of him. He was constantly running for his life behind the line of scrimmage.

WATCH: Marcus Mariota becomes Titans WR – scores TD!

Your Questions Answered:

@_gage_henry_ asks: Will the Titans trade their pick for coach Kelly to reunite him with Marcus Mariota?

Highly doubtful. As we seen in Sunday’s game against the Jets, and other games like vs Panthers and Falcons, the only thing stopping the Titans from succeeding in this league is their lack of offensive talent. If they want Chip Kelly, they should hire him if he’s fired from the Eagles organization.

@bigbadbumgarner says: Ask me questions about the best team in Tennessee, the Memphis Tigers.

I don’t know if you realize, but I failed to add the Memphis Tigers logo in my “Ask TNS” picture. How do you feel about that? I feel pretty bad.

@wtw_61 asks: Are there any trade rumors with the Grizzlies? Do you think there should be trades made?

I haven’t heard of any trade rumors. The last trade rumor I heard from Memphis has already happened. Mario Chalmers. I don’t think the talent on the court is Memphis’s problem, so trades aren’t necessary. Coaching is the Grizzlies problem.

@tennessee_titans1 asks: How do you think the Titans will perform next season?

As I mentioned before, talent is the Titans biggest issue. They should have the first or second pick in the draft to pick up a solid RB or WR in the first round. I think the Titans will improve even more next season and have wins to show for it. Remember, the Titans were only a few key plays away from being 10-3 today, not 3-10.

@cs.22 asks: Should coach Kelly come to Tennessee?

If he’s fired by the Eagles, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Titans give him a shot. Some NFL analysts said the “Chip Kelly experiment” isn’t over yet because Kelly didn’t have the correct quarterback under center to fit his scheme. If he reunites with Mariota, it’ll be interesting to see if his method works in the big league.

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