Tennessee Sports Needs You!


Tennessee Sports would love to have you join in on the fast-growing fan base page on Social Media! How? By becoming one of the following roles.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE CONTINUING: If you choose to do any of the following, you will not be paid. Tennessee Sports TNS is a fanpage which generates no money of its own. The work will be purely for recreation. Please make sure you are serious before you contact TNS for any of the following roles. No role requires a heavy commitment, although TNS expects something from you. The roles aren’t a “lifetime” commitment, sort of speak. Because there will be no pay, TNS will only have you participate for a maximum of 4 months. If you would like to continue past 4 months, you can discuss that with TNS at the time.

Article Writers

EXPECTATIONS: You will be expected to write an article at least once a week. The article can be done whenever you want on whatever subject intrigues you, has to be Tennessee sports related, of course. You will type the article on Word Document, or whatever you have access to, and email it to TNS, then TNS will read it, make necessary edits, then submit it. YOU WILL RECEIVE CREDIT FOR YOUR WORK. If, for any reason, you cannot write anything, (i.e. family issue, vacation, etc.) you are welcomed to give me a subject and some information and TNS will write it for you.

To apply, please contact Tennessee Sports TNS by email (tnsofficial615@gmail.com). Please provide your name, best way of contacting you, role you’re interested in, and how many months you’re willing to participate.


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