Enough already, here’s 3 reasons why the Tennessee Titans will not leave Nashville


“Relocation” is a scary word to any die-hard NFL fan. The NFL is trying to bring football back to the city of Los Angeles, and three NFL fanbases are shooken by the fact that their beloved team could be gone as early as 2016. Some then-Houston Oilers fans felt the heartbreak when the Oilers ditched Houston, Texas for the Volunteer State in 1997. Some fans went on to be Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans fans and despise the Titans to this day. However, others continued their love for the boys in two-toned blue.

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Because relocation fever is in the air in the NFL, there’s been plenty of talk that the Titans could possibly move away from Nashville, Tennessee among fans. I respect the opinions of those who think that, but here’s three reasons why that won’t happen.

1. The Tennessee Titans are secured in Nashville for over a decade.

The Titans are in the IT city until the year 2028, and rumors say the city has already began talks of revamping Nissan Stadium to fit with the booming Downtown Nashville area. That doesn’t seem like wanting to move out at all. With the addition of Marcus Mariota, the team’s future is bright just like its home.

2. The relationship between the two are strong.

The city of Nashville needs the Titans as much as the Titans need it. The booming economy of Nashville only creates more opportunities for the organization to grow its fanbase and build its brand. The team has brought much attention to the city of Nashville, despite the recent struggles. That goes both ways, because the great city vibe of Nashville gives the Titans much respect from NFL executives. And not to mention the huge partnership that just launched between the organization and Nissan, whose North American headquarters are based in Nashville.

3. The ownership loves Nashville.

The Titans ownership has expressed their love for Nashville countless times, despite residing in Texas. They’ve already said they are big on hiring a CEO who will agree to make Nashville their permanent home. Nashville is a great city known for its food, music, and love for sports. The Tennessee Titans are fully aware of that.

It’s safe to say leaving Nashville would be financially devastating for the Tennessee Titans and the Music City.


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