#AskTNS: Five reasons why Tennessee Sports fans should be optimistic about the near future.


Let’s be honest, Tennessee Sports teams are experiencing struggles right now. Some more than others. When it comes to sports, the state of Tennessee is rarely mentioned. The best team in the Volunteer state can arguably go to the Tigers in Memphis, football wise. The Commodores in Vanderbilt basketball wise.

It might come across as pitiful that the two teams headlining this state are collegiate, but here’s five reasons why Tennessee Sports fans should be optimistic about the near future.

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1. Memphis Grizzlies are starting to get used to their new look.

The ‘Grit-N-Grind’ era is slowly coming to an end. They are fast adjusting to the new style, gearing up to the new generation of the NBA. It’s fantastic to see that the boys on Beale Street didn’t decline because of the change. They are up to the task and willing to do whatever it takes for the team. Don’t worry, Grizz fans, your Grizzlies are going to amaze you.

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2. Nashville Predators just need to figure it out.

The Predators are having a hard time doing what it takes to win in the NHL – score a goal! They need to close out games. That’s virtually the biggest monkey on their back, and if they can get that monkey off their back, the Predators will be back to their elite status we witnessed last season.

3. Memphis Tigers football just need to do a little more.

The Tigers were undefeated, still didn’t crack the top ten. They have an unbelievably talented team, and hopeful that their new coach, Mike Norvell, can continue the success at the UofM. If he can, the Tigers have something special.

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4. Tennessee Collegiate Basketball is on fire.

I don’t know if you ever noticed, but we have some pretty decent college basketball squads – in both boys and girls! This goes well beyond what TNS cover, for example, the Tennessee State Tigers in Nashville. Possibly Tennessee will be in the spotlight come next year when the Championships roll around?

5. Tennessee Titans have talent, just need stability in front office.

Look at teams like the New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, I can go on, but I won’t. Those teams found a head coach and a quarterback they’re committed to and their QB flourished, despite some struggles. The Titans need to do that for Marcus Mariota. They need to keep a coach longer than two years and find a solid general manager, that’s if they decide to fire Ruston Webster. Stability is the Tennessee Titans’ main problem. Stability.

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Record Update

1. Nashville Predators 17-12-6
2. Memphis Grizzlies 17-16
3. Tennessee Titans 3-12
🏀4. Vanderbilt Commodores 7-4
🏀5. Memphis Tigers 9-3
🏀6. Midd. Tenn. Blue Raiders 7-4
🏀7. Tennessee Volunteers 6-5

Your Questions Answered

@chad_ragsdale4440 asks: Do you think the Predators can turn their season around?

The Nashville Predators have plenty, plenty of time to turn learn how to finish games. I think they will start to get hot after New Years just like they did last season. This is a great team that just needs to figure it out. Yes, they can turn their season around. I also agree with TNS follower @t_wilson16.

@stantonsweeney asks: What is your outlook on the Grizzlies season thus far?

The Memphis Grizzlies are going through a transitional phase right now and are handling it like bosses! As I said before, just wait and this team will reach their potential. They have been inconsistent, but we have to live through it. I am really liking Mike Conley.  I said before the season that the Grizzlies needed consistency out of him and they’ve received it. I’m enjoying these Grizzlies and excited for the future.

@j.kirkland27 says: Hey, I just wanted to say your account is amazing and keep doing what you’re doing.

Thank you, @j.kirkland27! I created Tennessee Sports in February in hopes to make every Tennessee Sports fans lives just a bit easier by giving you content of most teams within one page. I’m really glad you all are enjoying it. Thank you for being such a loyal follower, I always see you liking and commenting! Stay awesome, my friend! #TNSNations

@c_aleb79_ says: What will the Vols be ranked after we beat Northwestern?

I love the confidence! I’m with you on the confidence, but I’m going to say “if”. Now if the Volunteers defeat ranked 13 Northwestern, if I had to take a guess because I have no clue how they determine the rankings, I would say Tennessee will move up atleast six spots to number 18.

@jake___gallagher asks: Who are the Titans looking to draft with the [predicted] first pick?

The Tennessee Titans’ best years came when they had a talented quarterback and a smashmouth running game. They will be looking for a well-rounded speed back, and possibly use Antonio Andrews or David Cobb as a power back to bring the Smash ‘n Dash back to Music City.

@grant_slover7 asks: Why does all Tennessee pro teams suck?

Keep this in mind. All of Tennessee’s pro teams are fairly young in the state and still working on building their own history and tradition. It’s going to take time for all of these franchises to finally find their Stephen Curry or Tom Brady of the next decade. If you just stick through the tough times, the good times will show you it’s all worth it. Hang in there, bud.


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