Could another Heisman Trophy winner join the Titans offense?


   Is Bishop Sankey done with the Titans?

Bishop Sankey’s second season with the Tennessee Titans has been anything but good. His starting role at running back and kick return was stripped away due to multiple mistakes. He had muffed punts and pass protection issues, and wasn’t a lot of help in the run game.

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The coaches have lost interest in Sankey. He has 43 carries for 177 YDS and a rushing touchdown, along with 14 receptions for 139 YDS and a receiving touchdown. That’s a combined 316 yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns this season.

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The Titans have been splitting the load between running backs Dexter McCluster, Antonio Andrews, and David Cobb. This season, those running backs have an integrated 840 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns.

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With the possibility of grabbing the number one overall pick for the first time since moving to Nashville, the Titans could possibly be looking to add yet another heisman winner to their offense alongside Marcus Mariota. Could they take Alabama Crimson Tide heisman winning running back Derrick Henry? If so, that could mean Sankey’s days with the Titans are numbered.

Written by TNS Memphis Grizzlies writer Matt Gemmell (visited a Titans subject) Follow him on Instagram!


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