Could the Tennessee Titans make a big move on ‘Black Monday’?


The Tennessee Titans are struggling, but that might be an understatement. The team hasn’t had many recent splashes on Black Monday – the day in the NFL when most front office changes happen. The organization had Jeff Fisher running the show for 17 years, so this Black Monday stuff is pretty unfamiliar. This Monday, you can expect the Titans to make some big splashes, whether that’s a coaching hire or a front office firing. Something has to give as this franchise is coming off two of its worst seasons since moving to Nashville.

Here’s some questions that’s been flying around the NFL.

Are there chances of the Titans keeping Interim Head Coach Mike Mularkey?

Mike Mularkey is currently 2-5 as the interim Titans head coach. That’s one more win and the same amount of L’s as ex-head coach Ken Whisenhunt this season. One more win for Mularkey will give him the same amount of wins as Whisenhunt’s entire tenure. Mularkey is a passionate and emotional guy. That’s a great trait to have, because your coach often represents your players on the field. The Titans fired Whisenhunt seeking improvement, and ever since Mularkey took over, the Titans have been one of the least penalized teams in the NFL. However, that’s only one improvement. Under Mularkey, the passing offense ranked 15th in the NFL, with Whisenhunt it ranked 28th. That’s a big difference if I do say so myself. Mularkey made it a necessity to protect rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota, and he definitely has been better protected. There’s been a few key things that might keep Mularkey from getting the permanent role, but he came in unexpectedly and made improvements, so imagine if he had an entire off season?

Chip Kelly chances of reuniting with Mariota?

Rumors are circling, and right now it’s just that, rumors. Chip Kelly would love to reunite his former Oregon Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota. Kelly was willing to give up everything to get Mariota in the 2015 NFL Draft, but the Titans wouldn’t budge. Now, with a possible coaching vacancy in Tennessee, and a jobless Kelly, the chances are greater than ever. The Titans have to be sure they’re willing to take that route. Kelly’s system is very “iffy” in the NFL, and a few key Titans players showed disgust after learning the style in which Coach Kelly manages a team. It’ll be interesting to see where Kelly ends up, but he’s more interested in Tennessee than they are in him.

What is Ruston Webster’s fate?

Ruston Webster’s contract is expiring after this season, and the question is should Tennessee retain him. Webster was elevated to the G.M. role in January of 2012. Before that, he spent two seasons as the V.P. of Player Personnel. He’s brought in some key players we all know today, such as WR Kendall Wright, trading to take WR Justin Hunter, LB Avery Williamson, and QB Marcus Mariota. In free agency, he’s quietly made some splashes. Webster welcomed guys like Delanie Walker, Brian Orakpo, and Perrish Cox to the team.  Despite so much talent, the Titans are continuously outmatched on the field, which leaves everyone wondering is Webster the guy we need controlling our draft picks. The likelihood of Webster sticking around is not very good.

Will Black Monday be active for the Titans?

If the Titans are quiet this Monday, that would be surprising. They have a lot of work cut out for them and they should get started as soon as possible. Come Monday, there could be a hiring, firing, or atleast speculation. Be ready, Titans nation.

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