#AskTNS: Tennessee Titans General Manager search coming to a close.



Titans Going General Manager First

The Tennessee Titans were arguably the most talked about team in Tennessee this week after firing their General Manager on Black Monday. They’re now in search for a new one, which is expected to end Monday. After they hire a general manager, they will begin searching for a new head coach, and New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is interested in joining the Titans staff.

Tennessee isn’t considering a head coach until they find a General Manager. They’ve interviewed Jaguars Chris Polian, ex-Chiefs Chris Ballard, Buccaneers Jon Robinson, Lions Martin Mayhew, and more to fill in the role.

Grizzlies Conquer Celtics

The Memphis Grizzlies overcame a 21 point deficit in the fourth quarter to win it all over the Boston Celtics and improve to 21-18 on the season. It was a thriller in Memphis. From astounding dunks to vicious blocks, the Grizzlies pulled out all the stops to get another tally in the win column.

Vols Getting Recognition

The Tennessee Volunteers football team ended their season with 2,908 yards, that’s the second most all time in school history. Their Smokey Grey uniforms were one of four UNISWAG Uniform of the Year nominees.

Tennessee Sports Still Needs You

TNS is looking for Nashville Predators and Memphis Grizzlies writers! Also, photo editors are needed!  Please contact Tennessee Sports by email [tnsofficial615@gmail.com] any other form of contact may not be answered.


1. Memphis Grizzlies (21-18)
2. Nashville Predators (19-16-7)
3. Memphis Tigers (10-5)
4. Tennessee Volunteers (8-7)
5. Midd. Tenn. Blue Raiders (10-5)
6. Vanderbilt Commodores (8-7)
7. Tennessee Titans – season over

Your Questions Answered

@josegasol asks: How many wins do you predict the Grizzlies will have by the end of the regular season and what seed will they be entering the playoffs? #Grizznation 

Don’t hate me, but with the Grizzlies current trend, I only see them winning 48 games. They have a handful of tough opponents remaining on the schedule, and with their mediocre play, it’s not likely that things will end happily ever after. If they make the NBA playoffs, it’ll be between seeds 6-8. Let’s hope Sunday’s game was the start of something special.

@lperko3 asks: [Predict the] Titans draft picks, first five rounds, and how far (if make it) will Grizz and Preds go in the playoffs? 

Here are my first five rounds predictions, this is not 100% accurate because I have not started my draft prospect research yet and I haven’t really heard any draft rumors. 

Round 1: Running back (Derrick Henry). Round 2: Safety. Round 3: Corner. Round 4: Offensive Lineman. Round 5: Receiver.

Now, I also believe somewhere in there, possibly round one or two, there will be a trade so the Titans can receive more picks. I just don’t know for sure if that’s likely. Don’t take these predictions TOO seriously. It’s just off the dome based off what I think the Titans need. 

With their current trends, I see the Grizzlies and Predators being one-and-done if they make the playoffs.

@noah_faerber asks: How about the Predators? 2 questions about them: What do you think of the trade and how they’ve played since then, and how far do you think they go in the playoffs (if they make it)? 

That trade was pretty surprising, to say the least. I think it was a good trade, and right off the bat Ryan Johansen contributed to the Predators, scoring a pretty crafty goal. Since he was acquired, the Predators have been losing. With that, it’s kind of hard judging how they’ve played since then. If the Predators continue this spell of mediocrity, they won’t make it far into the playoffs. I hope I’m wrong, but I say they’ll be one round and done IF they make it. 

@bodittle asks: What’s Dave [Joerger’s] coaching status? 

I believe – as for now – Joerger is safe. The Grizzlies will just see how the rest of this season play out under his coaching, but it’s pretty obvious he is being closely evaluated. A few screw ups and he’ll be out of here, but as for this moment in time he is safe. 

@stantonsweeney asks: Who are you going for in the CFB National Championship tomorrow? Also, who do you think will win? 

I am not a fan of either, but if I had to choose sides I’d choose Clemson. I believe Clemson will take the win tomorrow over Alabama and continue their undefeated stride to greatness! 

@dr._b_ asks: Do you think the Memphis Tigers basketball will be a top 10 team next year with all the young talent they have? 

Some of their top scorers this season are seniors, but I am really liking Dedric Lawson and believe if the Tigers can bring in some talented prospects to work with him then they will have a great shot at being top 10 next season. 

@chris_____________________ asks: Do you think the Memphis Tigers basketball program will fire Josh [Pastner] if we don’t make the tournament? 

Considering the fact that Pastner is one of the most winningest coaches in the nation, I think they will keep him around for a while. I don’t see the Tigers getting rid of Pastner, it would be a highly surprising move to say the least. By the way, you have a lot of underscores in your Instagram name. It’s fun typing it out, no sarcasm. I’m serious. 

@iansmith70 asks: What do you think the Titans should do with their coaching situation and what should they look to gain this off season? 

I think their current strategy of finding a General Manager and letting him have a say-so in the coaching hire is a great way to handle this situation. That’s one small step towards having a stable franchise, something the Titans have lacked since the departure of Jeff Fisher and the unfortunate death of Bud Adams. The defensive line was one of the best in the NFL in getting to the quarterback, so what they need to look for this offseason is young and talented safeties. They also need to get Jason McCourty and Perrish Cox healthy. Mariota has weapons around him in Kendall Wright, Delanie Walker, and Green-Beckham, so the Titans need to look for a running back and some vets on the line. There’s a lot to say about what the Titans need to gain, so I’m going to just stop here. 

@divergent_spn61 asks: What do you think is the Predators’ greatest struggle? 

Staying consistent. When the Predators have their best guys out there playing at their best, they look like that one hockey team we seen last season that analyst were calling “Stanley Cup caliber.” When those players aren’t at their best, they look like a team you’ll find in the bottom of the league. That’s not the Predators, and Smashville knows that. 

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