#AskTNS: Jeff Green losing support; Horton denies reports and is talking extension.



Preds End Nasty Drought

The Nashville Predators goalie Carter Hutton started for the first time at Bridgestone Arena and ended the Predators’ 0-4-1 losing streak by shutting out the Minnesota Wild 3-0.

MTSU Coach Makes History

Middle Tennessee State University’s basketball coach Kermit Davis received his 400th win as a head coach on Saturday after MTSU defeated Old Dominion 64-61.

Matt Barnes Can’t Stay Away From Trouble

Memphis Grizzlies Matt Barnes was fined $35k for his comments made prior to the game versus the Knicks on Saturday. Barnes stated that violence is never the answer, but “sometimes it is.” Then later stating that he doesn’t regret how things turned out.

Titans Fans Are Outraged

The Tennessee Titans hired general manager Jon Robinson, who has a history of finding valuable talent for the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Titans also retained Mike Mularkey, who immediately retained Dick Lebeau and hired special teams coach Bobby April. Mularkey stated he’s searching for an offensive coordinator. Defensive coordinator Ray Horton was falsely reported on by The Tennessean. They stated that Horton felt ‘insulted’ by the organization and wanted out. Horton quickly denied those reports and assured everyone that he remains with the Titans. In fact, he’s talking extension.

Jeff Green’s Losing Locker Room Support

Reports indicate that Grizzlies’ Jeff Green’s attitude is causing him to lose locker room support. An “important” player reportedly complained about Green, saying ‘he doesn’t care’. For more on this topic, click here.


1. Memphis Grizzlies (23-19)
2. Nashville Predators (20-17-8)
3. Tennessee Volunteers (9-8)
4. Memphis Tigers (12-5)
5. Midd. Tenn. Blue Raiders (12-5)
6.  Vanderbilt Commodores (10-7)
7. Tennessee Titans *season over*

Your Questions Answered!

@matt_gemmell asks: How happy are you about Jurrell Casey going to the Pro Bowl? 

It’s not fully official yet, but if/when he gets in, I would be really thrilled to finally see a Tennessee Titans player In the Pro Bowl for the first time in a while. 

@vfl13 ask: Do you think Tennessee Volunteers defensive coordinator is better than their old one? 

Bob Shoop is an excellent D.C who was wanted by many different programs. I believe this is a great hire by the Volunteers. He will indeed be a step up from their old one, I believe they made the right move. 

@dawson_leverette asks: Why Mike Mularkey????? 

The main reason they decided to stay with Mularkey is because the players seemed to get behind him last season. He had the players full support and the ownership wanted to keep that going. Bringing in a new coach would run the risk of getting into another Ken Whisenhunt situation and ruining Mariota’s career in Tennessee. So in order to keep continuity, they decided to stick with Mularkey — who improved the team statistically during his nine game tenure last season. 

@josegasol asks: Half way into the regular season and the trade deadline is coming up. Who will the Grizzlies trade? Who will they be trading for? What’s your opinion on Matt Barnes being fined $35k for his comments concerning Derek Fisher? Do you think it was the right thing for the NBA to fine him? 

I think the Grizzlies should trade Jeff Green for Stephen Curry. Ha, I wish. But Jeff Green seems like the candidate to trade right now. Reports indicate that his attitude has lead to him losing locker room support and that’s the last thing the Grizziies need right now. I don’t know exactly who they’ll be trading for, but I feel like they should target a guy that specializes in three point shooting. They are averaging just 32% from the three point line, and that number needs to come up. As for Matt Barnes, I think the fine was pretty surprising to say the least, but what Barnes said was kind of a threat, so I think it was pretty necessary.

@stantonsweeney asks: Mario Chalmers or Courtney Lee? 

I really like both, but I will go with Rio since he has the hot hand right now. When he starts, the Grizzlies have only one loss. So if I had to choose between the two, I’d go with Mario. 

@bodittle asks: Should we trade Jeff Green and who for? 

Yes, and as I said before, I think we should target a guy who specializes In three point shooting. The Grizzlies need a lot of help in that category, and that’s one thing they need to improve in order to take that next step to becoming a team who can compete with the likes of the Warriors, Spurs, and Cavaliers. 

@tsutigersmbb asks: Why is TSU Tigers logo not on your page or rarely ever mentioned? 

It’s  the same reason why teams other than the seven TNS covers aren’t mentioned. But, this page is growing, so the more it grows the more teams will be added. TNS chose the four college teams based off popularity among the page when it grew. Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and Memphis was pretty much an obvious choice, but MTSU was chosen simply because of an overwhelming amount of requests. TNS is from Nashville and respects TSU, and plan on covering them in the very near future. Thanks for following us by the way! #BigBlueRising



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