History repeats itself, but the story has to be better.


The state of Tennessee went into a rage after the Titans announced it’s keeping Mike Mularkey around and stripped him of his “interim” tag. Fans took their disgust to social media, while players praised the decision by the organization. History shows that this has already happened in this organization, and it turned out to be one successful tenure.

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Yes, I’m talking about Jeff Fisher. The guy who was ran out of town by Titans fans, then was desperately implored to come back during the Ken Whisenhunt era. Fisher is with the St. Lou– I mean Los Angeles Rams now. He’s back in the state where it all started for him, so I think it’s safe to say he has no intentions on returning to Tennessee.

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Fisher started his coaching career with the Chicago Bears. He was defensive assistant for one year before becoming defensive back coach for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1986 . He was eventually promoted to defensive coordinator for the Eagles from 1988 to 1990. He then joined the Los Angeles Rams staff in 1991. Three years later, he was added to the Houston Oilers staff as defensive coordinator under head coach Jack Pardee, who was fired after a 1-9 start.

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Fisher took over for the remaining six games, posting a 1-5 record. He was then promoted to head coach, much like Mike Mularkey, who finished his interim head coaching tenure 2-7 after nine games. The Oilers drafted well-respected quarterback Steve McNair under Jeff Fisher’s first season as head coach. The following season, they finished with a 7-9 record, much better than their 2-14 from the previous season.

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The Oilers owner Bud Adams’ desire for a new venue was not granted to him by the city of Houston. Consequently, Fisher and the Oilers moved to Nashville, where they eventually became the Titans and put on one of the most iconic Superbowl runs we know today. Fisher went on to become the Titans head coach for the next ten years before being let go by Bud Adams.

New team coming to Tennessee Sports? It’s your call! Click here to make your voice heard!

Mike Mularkey needs to improve on that historic information. Instead of becoming just one yard short, he needs to put a team together that will win it all. Don’t misunderstand this article: Mike Mularkey is not being ruled a Superbowl caliber, 16 year potential head coach. Although, history has a funny way of repeating itself.

New team coming to Tennessee Sports? It’s your call! Click here to make your voice heard!

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