TNS top seven draft prospects the Titans should consider.


The Titans could use a lot of help on both sides of the ball. Some positions more than others. The offensive line has been ardrous lately, allowing 54 sacks in 2015. That’s only four more than 2014 when the Titans seen three different quarterbacks under center. Taylor Lewan has improved and is starting to take form, but he needs to minimize the amount of penalties he commits. Chance Warmack is already being considered a bust.

The running back position hasn’t been too impressive. They have only 2,264 yards combined in the last two seasons. Bishop Sankey was the first running back selected in the 2014 draft, and unfortunately was stripped of the starting role the following year and was replaced by undrafted free agent Antonio Andrews.

The inside linebacker position could definitely use some help. The most consistent inside linebackers on the Titans are Avery Williamson and Zach Brown. Brown lead all of the Titans ILBs in interceptions in 2015 with two. Both Brown and Williamson led all Titans ILBs in tackles and sacks. However, Brown’s future with the Titans is uncertain after he indirectly expressed displeasure with the Titans last season.

That leads me to question who are the best guys in the upcoming NFL draft to help the Titans fill some of those needs?

**NOTE: These are not picks for all seven rounds. This is a list of players that could potentially help fill the Titans current positional needs.**

7. James Burgess – ILB, Louisville

This kid would be an under the radar pick for the Titans. He’s definitely not a number one draft pick, but if the Titans end up trading it away, they could land him using some of those extra picks. Burgess has great instincts and a significant pursuit to make plays happen. The only questionable factor is the uncertainty that surrounds him.

6. Devontae Booker – RB, Utah

Booker is a quick athlete that can make crucial game decisions in a snap of a second when he’s in trouble. That is an asset you want your running back to have. The only thing that makes him so low on this list is his lack of speed. When he breaks away in the NFL, it’ll be fairly easy for an average defender to catch him from behind. Some scouts believe it’s his size that plays a factor in that.

5. Reggie Ragland – ILB, Alabama

Having the size of Ragland on the defense would greatly benefit a team. Especially a guy like Dick Lebeau. His great instincts and ability to force fumbles is an eye-opening trait that landed him on this list. If Ragland isn’t available for Tennessee, Burgess should be a consideration.

4. Josh Ferguson – RB, Illinois

Ferguson has the patience that an NFL coach loves to see in a running back. It allows the offensive line to open up seams for him. The problem that comes with Ferguson is that he can be too patient. Of course, waiting too long could cause negative yardage. If drafted, the Titans can work on that with him and use his patience to their advantage. This would be a good option for Tennessee if Henry isn’t already chosen by them.

3. Kentrell Brothers – ILB, Missouri

He has a notable asset of creating plays upon making a tackle. The Titans are in a desperate need of play making abilities on the defensive side of the ball. His athleticism allows him to deceive the quarterback into mistakes. Brothers is quick and tough, which minimizes injuries. Picking him up wouldn’t be too bad of a draft pick, that’s if he’s available.

2. Joey Bosa – DE, Ohio State

Bosa is a very popular choice among Titans fans. He has that rare athleticism you just don’t see in defensive ends these days. He brings with him an opportunity for the Titans to bring their own J.J Watt to the AFC South. Bosa is disciplined, which is key to a team that has had trouble with preventable penalties lately. His consistency and his pre-snap anticipation needs a little work

1. Derrick Henry – RB, Alabama

Once Henry gets going, he’s really tough to stop. The Heisman-winning running back has that rare combination of speed and size, which the organization hasn’t seen since the Eddie George days. The Titans have had their best years with a running back of this magnitude on the field. They will most likely fix up the offensive line throughout free agency, which could make taking Henry at number one seem more logical. Henry and Bosa are both first round caliber players, and it would be a miracle if the Titans landed both. More realistically, if Bosa isn’t chosen by the Titans with the number one pick, Henry would be a good alternate option.

Each guy has their positives and negatives, but none would be a bad selection in the draft. The Titans need help on offense and would love to get Lebeau some more weapons on defense. Whether he trade or keep the number one pick, general manager Jon Robinson has his work cut out for him.

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