#AskTNS: With patience, Mariota will be in Newton’s place; Grizzlies victims of bad officiating; Predators beginning a win-streak



Nashville Bracing For The Spotlight Again

Nashville, Tennessee is like that one person that just loves the spotlight and constantly does something to be in it. The city has been in the spotlight of America countless times over the past few years. Nashvillians are witnesses to the epic growth of their city, which is developing into one of the destinations in America. This weekend, the city will prove it’s much more than just country music. The NHL fanbase turns their attention to the Music City to witness the spectacle that is the NHL All Star game. The festivities begin on Thursday down Broadway.

Mike Mularkey Shaping His Crew

Mike Mularkey did what the fanbase wanted him to do: retain Lebeau. He also brought in a few new guys: Special teams coach Bobby April, offensive line coach Russ Grimm, defensive line coach Nick Eason, and brought back former Titan Steve Jackson to coach the safeties. The fanbase are still not agreeing on the Mularkey move, but they seem to be on board with Tennessean and long time Titans fan Jon Robinson, who, as a fan, knows how they feel.

1. Nashville Predators (22-18-8)
2. Memphis Grizzlies (25-20)
3. Midd. Tenn. Blue Raiders (14-5)
4. Vanderbilt Commodores (11-8)
5. Memphis Tigers (12-7)
6. Tennessee Volunteers (10-9)
7. Tennessee Titans *season over*

Your Questions Answered:

@schabig77 asks: Is Stallings going to get fired if Vandy doesn’t make it into the NCAA tournament? 

Vanderbilt has had consistency trouble and the Vanderbilt fanbase and SEC analysts are starting to point their fingers at Kevin Stallings. I say there’s a great chance that he could be. 

@tumeats asks: How do you think the Grizzlies will finish the season? How long before the Titans are good again? 

Grizzlies are finally starting to find their groove. Mario Chalmers is proving to the Grizzlies that he was worth the trade. Marc Gasol is definitely playing like the All-Star he is known to be. I said last time that the Grizzlies won’t reach 50 wins, but at this rate, I say they do.

The Titans need to realize that Cam Newton and Ron Rivera in Carolina are examples of what Mariota and Mularkey could become here in Tennessee. At one point, Panthers’ fans were not on board with Rivera, now Rivera has this team going to the Superbowl. So to answer your question, I say it will be a while, but Titans fans and management staff needs to be patient. 

@lperko3 asks: Will the Titans win at home more than they lose? Same with road? What are your predictions? Will Tennessee make it to the National Championship? 

You’re basically asking will they have a good record. If you’re talking about this upcoming season, my answer is right now it’s hard to tell. The organization has been in disarray since losing Bud Adams. They finally took one step closer to stability by solidifying a C.E.O, G.M, and head coach. Let’s evaluate how this new GM does in free agency and the draft, then we can better understand what the future could hold for us.

The Volunteers have a good shot at winning it, but they have to get past their rivals. If they can’t defeat teams like Florida, they won’t be there. 

@willyo63 asks: Was poor officiating a factor in Grizzlies loss to Minnesota? 

Indeed. The referees threw themselves into that game. One of them was a rookie referee, so that’s great. That was completely terrible officiating. I usually dislike when people blame losses on the officials, but that was clearly bad officiating. 

@brody_hays_10 and @huntermdavis77 both asks: Who will the Titans choose 1st overall? 

I say either Derrick Henry, Joey Bosa, or if the Titans want to continue to build protection for Mariota, they can get Laremy Tunsil. 

@huntermdavis77 asks: Who commits to Vols? 

To find out information like this, follow Tennessee Sports on Twitter (tennsportsnews). There’s constant updates on college commits and more. 

@chris_______________________ asks: Will Vanderbilt succeed again this year? 

If they can’t get the inconsistency out of the way, they probably won’t. Vanderbilt came into the season ranked and chosen as the team that can take it all the way. So far, they’re showing otherwise. 

@bodittle asks: Should the referees from the Grizzlies game vs Minnesota be fired? (I think so) 

Fired is a little too dramatic. I think they should be evaluated by the league, the game should be investigated, then maybe a possible suspension. That was terrible officiating. Maybe they should check them for drug consumption or having some kind of relationship with Andrew Wiggins. I don’t know. 

@stantonsweeney asks: Opinion of Derrick Henry? 

He’s a back the Titans need. If the Titans can take a good O-Lineman first round and hope Henry falls to the second round, I wouldn’t mind that. Henry is a huge back that also has the footwork and speed to be successful in the NFL. The Titans have their best years with RBs like him. 

@_born2write_ asks: If MTSU wins out, do you think they have a chance of making the NCAA tournament as an at-large bid? Their RPI is 63 and SOS is 100. 

I believe that is a possibility. MTSU is one of TNS’ quietest teams. They rarely are mentioned on any sports-related shows, but they are doing some major damage. If they win out and are not considered for an NCAA Tournament appearance, I will be stunned. 

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