Another professional team to Tennessee is getting more and more likely every year.


Bridgestone Arena is quickly turning into one of the best arenas in the country – possibly the world. With multiple big events per year, including CMA Awards, the Nashville Predators are used to sharing their home. This month, the Predators hosted the NHL All Star Weekend event, which turned out pretty well, the WWE will make an appearance in February, and the SEC basketball tournament returns in March. It’s quite obvious that Nashville’s iconic arena can handle the busy schedule.

Nashville has one of the highest TV ratings when it comes to sports. They rank among cities like Pittsburgh and Baltimore. The city is obviously in love with sports. The Predators have some of the best fans in the NHL, and the Titans are still receiving support despite the recent struggle.

Which is more possible? MLB or NBA? Many people will tell you Nashville has baseball written all over it. The city has baseball in its history dating back to the 1800s. Also, the emergence of the Nashville Sounds. Nashville has been one of the top cities mentioned when an MLB expansion or relocation subject is brought up. They have been for years now. At this point, it’s not a matter of if, but when?

On the other hand, an NBA team to Nashville is a matter of if. The NBA is more into expanding the league to international levels, so moving a team to Nashville isn’t really on their commissioner’s mind. However, when it comes to relocation and expansion, Nashville is in fact one of the cities mentioned within the country. It’s a hot location among others like Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH, Columbus, OH, and Seattle, WA. The timeline for an NBA team to debut in Nashville currently has two decades or more, but if Bridgestone Arena continues its growth, it could be shortened to a decade.

The city attempted to bring in the Minnesota Timberwolves in the 1990’s, but instead was later awarded the Tennessee Titans as a relocation and Nashville Predators as an expansion. MLB has been a hot topic for the city since 2011. The MLB to Nashville scenario seems way more likely at this point.

NFL to Memphis?

There are no rumors indicating this will happen anytime soon, but some feel like the largest city in Tennessee deserves more than one major professional team. The Oakland Raiders are looking for somewhere to move. They’ve brought up San Diego, Las Vegas, and San Antonio. What about Memphis? The city supports the Memphis Grizzlies and Memphis Tigers very well. They have some of the best fans in the business. There’s no doubt that the city can support an NFL team.

The most talked about theory is the Jacksonville Jaguars moving to Memphis. That would be interesting, considering the Jaguars are in the AFC South with the Titans.

Rumors of Nashville receiving another professional team is getting hotter every year, while the NFL to Memphis continues to be a dream. With the sudden relocation of the Rams back to California, anything’s possible. Besides, why does California deserve four NFL teams when there’s some deserving states with none. C’mon, Roger Goodell. Get it together.

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