#AskTNS: UT-VT game to have gigantic scoreboard; Tigers basketball issues has to end.



UT/VT Football Apart Of History

The Tennessee Volunteers and Virginia Tech Hokies will play in the infield at Bristol Motor Speedway on September 16th. It will be the first football game played at the speedway. They will be playing under a huge four-sided video board. The speedway is calling it “Colossus”. Interesting. Let’s hope the gigantic video board doesn’t interrupt punts.

Nashville Is The Real Capital Of Entertainment

The Nashville Predators are getting ready to wrap up the NHL All-Star Weekend with the actual All-Star game. The weekend went well for the NHL. It was pretty entertaining. Shea Weber won the Hardest Shot Challenge for the second year in a row, shooting at 108.1 MPH.

Grizzlies Looking To Make Changes?

Rumors circulated that the Grizzlies could be trying to trade away Courtney Lee and Jeff Green. Ever since, Jeff Green has played lights out for Memphis and is a big contribution to their wins. Jeff Green recently had a 29 point game versus the Sacramento Kings. In other news, Marc Gasol is listed as questionable for Monday’s game versus New Orleans due to a knee injury.


1. Nashville Predators (24-18-8)
2. Memphis Grizzlies (28-20)
3. Midd. Tenn. Blue Raiders (15-6)
4. Vanderbilt Commodores (12-9)
5. Memphis Tigers (13-8)
6. Tennessee Volunteers (10-11)
7. Tennessee Titans *season over*

Your Questions Answered:

@wtw_61 asks: Should Dave Joerger still be worried he’s on the “hot seat”?

Dave Joerger took a chance and shuffled up the line-up. Seems like because of that decision, he’s gotten the Grizzlies back to what they’re known for: Grit ‘n’ Grind basketball. He shouldn’t be too worried. If the organization still decide to part ways with him, though, it’ll be because Joerger has a hard time getting this team over the hump. The Grizzlies can’t contend with the best, but can dominate the worst. It’s time to move up from mediocrity.

@_ab_d21_ asks: How much longer will Memphis put up with Pastner? Because I, myself, am getting tired of seeing bad losses.

I hear you. I don’t see the Tigers keeping him around too much longer. The talent on the roster should equal to success on the court, and it’s not. Whenever there’s loads of talent but no production, it’s the coach. The season is close to wrapping up for college basketball as March Madness looms. I think earlier reports of Dave Joerger being on the hot seat were premature and about the wrong basketball coach in Memphis. I think Josh Pastner is the one we should be getting rid of.

@chris____________________asks: Will the Memphis Tigers basketball team ever be good again?

I believe as soon as they get rid of Pastner, or atleast light a fire under him, they will be. Wait, let me be more logical. If they get rid of Pastner AND find a good coach, they will be. Getting rid of Pastner wouldn’t automatically equal success. Pastner is labeled as one of the most winningest coaches in his conference, he just can’t seem to get the Tigers to the next level. So yes, they will be good again, it just takes a few more good recruitments and a new, capable head coach.

@josegasol asks: Will Courtney Lee or Jeff Green be traded?

Rumors suggest that the Grizzlies are gauging their value. Memphis could potentially trade them, but Green has been showing out lately. That’ll definitely make it harder for them to make that decision. Players that could potentially be on the market are Nick Young and Lou Williams from L.A. I’m not saying that’s who the Grizzlies should go for, but Young has some talent and some attitude that can maybe stand out in Memphis.

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