#AskTNS: Titans M.V.P not named Marcus Mariota?



Marcus Mariota is Motivated

Marcus Mariota made a trip to Superbowl City. He’s probably still there, but nonetheless he enjoyed his experience and said it’s motivating him to come back again, just as a Superbowl quarterback. Titans fans are hoping he makes a Superbowl run WITH the Titans and it happens really soon.

“I am not staying for the game. I don’t want to be here for the game,” Mariota said. “The competitor in me just doesn’t want to watch two other teams compete for it all.”

NBA All-Star Weekend Approaches

Although there are no Grizzlies players in the All-Star game, sadly, it’s going to be fun watching the All Star Weekend events for the NBA. It begins this weekend on Saturday. Once again, #AskTNS will start at an early time.

TNS First Birthday Approaches!

Tennessee Sports TNS will be celebrating its first birthday next Monday, February 15th, 2016! It was just this month in 2015 when this page was being made with the thought of giving people like you updates strictly on their favorite teams. It’s quickly becoming a favorite for members of Titans, Grizzlies, and Predators nation! For the first birthday, we will be announcing a new team to the mix. It’ll either be TSU Tigers or Belmont Bruins. You can vote here!

Gameday Saturday Contest

In case you didn’t know, Saturdays are the busiest day for Tennessee Sports. We decided to make something out of it, so we started #GameDaySaturday! Every week starting Wednesday, you will be able to give your prophecy of each game on Saturday! Your answers will be recorded and each correct answer is worth two points. The BONUS game is a three pointer. Winner receives whatever the prize is for the week. Make sure you participate this Wednesday-Saturday!

TNS Now Taking Ad Requests And Collabs

Tennessee Sports TNS is growing with a loyal, very active fanbase. That’s why we’ve decided to start taking advertisement and collaboration requests. Feel free to email us [tnsofficial615@gmail.com] to discuss advertisement and collaboration deals. Shoutouts, follow for follows, or spams will not be accepted because they are annoying and rarely ever works. Just being honest. Advertisements will have your page logo or name edited into pictures posted by TNS. Example below. It doesn’t have to be a page advertisement. You can advertise whatever. If you’re selling T-shirts, throwing some kind of sports party, anything!


Collaborations are more creative. It can be something like “@johndoeedits play of the day” or “@johndoeedits player of the week.” Both TNS and the collaboration page will work together to create something, (top 10 plays, or anything else), then post it on each page with the partners name. On John Doe Edits page, he would say “@tennsports play of the day” and on TNS, we would say “@johndoeedits play of the day.” Interested? Contact TNS now for all of the different options!


1. Nashville Predators (25-20-8)
2. Memphis Grizzlies (30-21)
3. Midd. Tenn. St. Blue Raiders (17-6)
4. Tennessee Volunteers (11-12)
5. Vanderbilt Commodores (13-10)
6. Memphis Tigers (14-9)
7. Tennessee Titans *season over*

Your Questions Answered:

@jmonaga asks: Besides Mariota, who is the other player that can make a big impact to help us win? Go Titans!!!

I think the player that will continue to make a huge impact is Delanie Walker. The 49ers did us a huge favor by releasing him. Once Mariota gets even more comfortable in the NFL and gets a solid running back behind him, Walker will be his threat and trust me, it’ll be fun to watch.


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