#AskTNS: Matt Forte to Tennessee?


The following are questions asked by Tennessee Sports fans on Instagram.

Your Questions Answered

@_gage_henry asks: What do you think the Titans record will be?

It all depends on their off-season moves. Let’s assume they make decent moves, draft decent players, and in training camp/practice address the problem of not being able to finish games. They could be around 8-8 or 9-7. If not much is done, maybe 4-12.

@elijah5pittman asks: Who do you think the Titans will draft?

I think the Titans will either go running back or offensive linemen with their first pick. When I say “their first pick,” that includes trading away the first pick. If they donot trade the first pick away, then I believe they’re going to go Derrick Henry.

@huntermdavis77 asks: Who do you think the Titans get in free agency?

They’re more than likely going to go offensive lineman with most of their free agency choices, but I think Matt Forte and Eric Berry are solid options. Forte could be another F.A steal for the Titans along with Delanie Walker and Perrish Cox.

@matt_gemmell16 asks: Who do you prefer: Drake or Meek Mill?


@c_aleb79 asks: Does K.D go to Grizzlies or Warriors?

The Grizzlies will have to do some SERIOUS persuading to get him to choose Memphis over the Warriors. I’m talking about gourmet dinners, a night on a yacht, skydiving, new car, everything. If it comes down to it, I believe he’ll choose Curry and the Warriors to get himself a ring.

@grasongardner asks: Opinion on Jeff Green?

Honestly, I’m impressed. After his teammates had some complaints about him, he stepped up and started playing some great basketball. If he can put up 30 points a night, the Grizzlies have some legitimate deep-playoff potential.

@schabig77 asks: What steps does Vanderbilt has to do to get in the NCAA [tournament?]?

They need to get Wade Baldwin, Damian Jones, and crew playing 5-star basketball each and every night. Vanderbilt has some major talent on the roster, no reason to have such a mediocre record.

@camr110 asks: Do you think the Titans will trade the first pick?

It’s a possibility. They will only trade it to teams in the top 10, it’ll be pretty dumb to trade it for a pick above 10. However, most quarterback needy teams are above the 10th pick. It’ll be interesting to see who they trade the pick away to.

@jack___gallagher asks: Do you think the Titans will sign Matt Forte?

I think they’ll attempt to bring him in. The only thing that may stop them is the fact that he’s eight years into his career. But, he was still pretty affective for the Chicago Bears. Another veteran would be helpful for such a young team.

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Tennessee Sports TNS Power Rankings(based on ‘what have you done lately?’)

1. Memphis Grizzlies (31-22)
2. Midd. Tenn. Blue Raiders (18-7)
3. Nashville Predators (26-21-9)
4. Vanderbilt Commodores (15-10)
5. Tennessee Volunteers (12-13)
6. Memphis Tigers (14-11)

*Tennessee Titans season over*


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