#AskTNS: Will year two for Marcus Mariota be another one for the record books?


@stantonsweeney asks: Thoughts on Grizzlies loss tonight?

It’s evident that the Grizzlies can’t defeat the teams above them, but can manhandle the teams below. It’s time to move up.

@lperko3 asks: What are your predictions for Vanderbilt baseball? Will they win another national championship?

I think they will pick up where they left off. It’s too early to predict another one right now, but I think they will have a legit shot at it. Let’s see how things go.

@metz.taylor asks: Should Titans keep the first pick?

I think they should see if they can get some good players and some good picks in a trade. If they can’t, then yes they should. But, I don’t see anything wrong with trading it away to get more picks, build an offensive line for Mariota, and help the secondary.

@jacob_whitehurst asks: Do you think the Titans will have a positive record next year?

I sincerely hope they jump from 3-13 to 9-7 or better, but I honestly don’t see it happening. Yes, I know last season they were one or two mistakes away from being 9-7, but the mistakes were because other teams outplayed and outcoached us. That’ll be hard to fix in an off season.

@brody_hays_10 asks: Why did the Grizzlies trade Jeff Green?

I think the lack of emotion and the locker room troubles was an instant turn off to the Grizzlies management crew. It’s pretty apparent that his sudden explosion in performance was due to the rumors of him being traded away. Just like if you heard you were going to be fired from a job you need, so you started performing well in attempt to impress your boss so they can keep you around. Green did just that, but obviously the management wasn’t buying into it.

@bodittle asks: Will P.J Hairston be a player we keep down the road?

I think he’ll be traded in the off season. I don’t think he’ll be in a luxurious Grizzlies uniform for long.

@jacksonfleming01 asks: Will the Preds bench Pekka Rinne more often?

Carter Hutton has had some great games. He couldn’t make the one big save to keep their hopes alive versus the Dallas Stars. I think they will bench Pekka Rinne more often just to see what they have in Hutton.

@c_aleb79 asks: Why does this page not cover Lady Vols?

When I started this page, there weren’t any reliable sources to my knowledge that I could use to get updates on women’s basketball. Now, there’s more resources available which is why we’ve added TSU and baseball coverage. There will definitely be updates on women’s basketball when the time is right for TNS.

@matthew_mcleod_03_ asks: Who will start at S.S for the Vols?

I like their new signee Nigel Warrior, but currently there isn’t any inside news on who Butch Jones is thinking of.

@ethan_cary88 asks: Thoughts on Josh Pastner?

Hmm…I got four words for you. He needs to go.

@schabig77 asks: Which last 4 games will Vanderbilt win/lose?

I have them going 2-2. I don’t think they’ll pull off the upset over Kentucky, and I don’t think they can overcome Texas A&M again. The Tennessee and Florida matchups are up in the air, so I’ll give it to them.

๐ŸŒŸHeadlining Question๐ŸŒŸ

@matt_gemmell16 asks: Predict Mariota’s stats for next year.

Marcus Mariota neared the 3,000 yard and 20 touchdown pass mark in his rookie season. He missed a handful of games due to injuries. That should scare the Titans, as previous quarterbacks have gotten sidelined due to taking unnecessary hits. Jake Locker and Vince Young for example. I believe the Titans will fix the offensive line and give Mariota the time he needs to find Delanie Walker and Dorial Green-Beckham. I predict Mariota to have 25 touchdown passes with only 12 interceptions. I think he’ll throw for atleast 3,500 yards and have one of the top five passer ratings in the league.

โฌ†TNS Power Rankings โคต Based solely off of recent success, not record.

1. Memphis Grizzlies (32-23)
๐Ÿ€2. Vanderbilt Commodores (16-11)
โšพ3. “Vandy Boys” (3-0)
โšพ4. Tennessee Volunteers  (2-1)
โšพ5. Midd. Tenn. Blue Raiders  (2-1)
๐Ÿ€6. TSU Tigers (19-8)
โšพ7. Memphis Tigers (1-2)
๐Ÿ€8. Midd. Tenn. Blue Raiders  (18-8)
๐Ÿ€9. TSU Tigers (19-8)
10. Nashville Predators (27-21-11)
๐Ÿ€11. Memphis Tigers (15-12)

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