#AskTNS: Will the claims towards Tennessee lead to a ‘revenge tour’?


Your Questions Answered

@wil_barger asks: What’s the Titans record going to be this year?

That depends on the moves the Titans make this off season. If they can fix the offensive line and the secondary, we could see maybe an improvement to 6-10 or 7-9. But, if there’s not much changes, I’ll say another one-win improvement from the previous season.

@_gage_henry asks: Who do you think the Titans will get in free agency/the draft?

I think they’ll make a run at Matt Forte as they are currently seeking a ‘strong, physical runner’. Or they could sign offensive linemen in free agency and draft a running back of that style. It could go either way.

@isaiahallen98 asks: Are the Titans going to try to get a veteran tackle in free agency?

There are reports saying the Titans want to bring in more veteran leadership on the line. Bringing in a veteran tackle is possible. Very possible.

@wallace.kinloch asks: What do you see the Titans targeting in the draft position wise?

Jon Robinson said the Superbowl came down to the lines. That could be a sign that they might be looking to go Laremy Tunsil or Joey Bosa. If not those two in particular, then just O-line and D-line in general.

@n_east34 asks: Will Vanderbilt basketball win the SEC regular season title?

After all the struggles this season, it’s highly unlikely they’ll take the title. They’re ranked 4th overall in it with the season winding down.

@ws_rovers_19 asks: How well do you think the Memphis Grizzlies coaching system is?

Pretty mediocre. The Grizzlies, in my opinion, should see if they can seek someone better than Dave Joerger. However, it’s almost been three seasons under Joerger, so let’s hope he can finally push the guys to Championship status.

@_junior_3_ asks: Do you think the Vols can make the College Football Playoffs?

The Volunteers lost most of their games due to shutting down in the second half. If coach Butch Jones can get four quarters out of them, I say they will get there. The Volunteers can be a scary team if they can stay consistent.

@bodittle asks: Do you still feel like the Grizzlies will let P.J Hairston leave?

If he can stay consistently helpful for Memphis on the court, I don’t see it happening. Let’s see what happens between now and the season’s end.


@c_aleb79 asks: What Tennessee Athletic Program will have the most improvement?

The Vols football program is taking a lot of heat from pretty much everyone because of the recent rape allegations. It took a while before Butch Jones and the athletic program began fighting back. It can sometimes take something like this to light a fire under a team. Am I saying these allegations is actually a blessing in disguise for them? Yes. You heard it here first. The Volunteers could go on a ‘revenge tour’ (a.k.a New England Patriots – Deflategate, 2015) in 2016 and shock the nation.

⬆TNS Power Rankings⤵ *not based off record*

1. Nashville Predators (31-21-11)
⚾2. Vanderbilt Commodores (8-0)
3. Memphis Grizzlies (34-24)
🏀4. Vanderbilt Commodores (18-11)
🏀5. Tenn. State Tigers (20-9)
🏀6. Midd. Tenn. Blue Raiders (19-9)
⚾7.Tennessee Volunteers (5-1)
⚾8. Midd. Tenn. Blue Raiders (4-3)
⚾9. Memphis Tigers (4-2)
🏀10. Memphis Tigers (16-13)
🏀11. Tennessee Volunteers (13-16)

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