Once labeled ‘nations most disappointing team’, Vanderbilt can still win it all.


The Vanderbilt Commodores had a rollercoaster year. At one point, they were labeled as the nation’s most disappointing team. Now, they have a shot, it’s a long shot, but still a shot to win the SEC.

After their big 86-69 win over their in-state rivals, the Tennessee Volunteers, on Tuesday night, they completed their first sweep over the Volunteers since the 2009-10 season.

Wade Baldwin finished the game with 17 points in the Commodores fourth straight win.

”We all know about it and very happy that we beat Tennessee two times in a row,” Baldwin said via Vanderbilt Athletics website. ”Last year was a bit of a struggle. We lost two times against them, and obviously the fans here are disappointed with that. They say `You can lose every game, but don’t lose to Tennessee.’ That’s kind of their motto. We’re happy in the regular season to be 2-0 against them.” 

Can Vanderbilt take the SEC? We’ll find out soon. They couldn’t have chosen a better time to heat things up. We’ll see you soon in Nashville for the SEC tournament, Commodores!

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