#AskTNS: Should the Titans bring Jalen Ramsey home?


Your Questions Answered

@stantonsweeney asks: How will the playoffs go for the Grizz this year?

They are suffering from injuries and are missing Marc Gasol. Good thing is Mike Conley and Z-Bo have stepped up in Gasol’s absence, bad thing is they might not be enough to get past teams like the Warriors or Thunder in the playoffs.

@bodittle asks: How much longer does Z-Bo have?

In his career? I say another 3 or 4 seasons. He’s looking like his old self right now for the Grizzlies putting up 20 points in games and getting double-doubles. But, if it takes a Marc Gasol absence for him to wake up, he might not score 20 points a game for much longer.

@schabig77 asks: How do you think Vandy’s SEC tournament will go?

The upset over Kentucky was great and all, but that shouldn’t distract us from the fact that Vanderbilt hasn’t been very great this season. Maybe it’ll help that the tournament is being held here in their hometown, but I don’t think they’ll be too successful. I hope I’m wrong.

@matt_gemmell16 asks: Does Peyton Manning have the biggest forehead ever?



@huntermdavis77 asks: Predict the Titans all Titans starters for next year.

QBMarcus Mariota
RB – Antonio Andrews
TE – Delanie Walker
WR1 – Roddy White (Yep. I went there)
WR2 – Dorial Green-Beckham
WR3 (slot) – Kendall Wright
CB1 – Jason McCourty
CB2 – Perrish Cox
CB3 (Slot) – Brice McCain
SS – Damion Stafford
FS – Da’Norris Searcy
ILB – Avery Williamson
ILB2 – Wesley Woodyard
OLB – Brian Orakpo
DT – Jurrell Casey
DE – Ropati Pitoitua
LT – Taylor Lewan
RT – Laremy Tunsil
C – Brian Schwenke

@_junior_3_ asks: Can Marc Gasol play in the playoffs?

Marc Gasol underwent a successful surgery and was ruled out until next season by the organization. So no, unfortunately we will not see him in the playoffs.

@clay_barton asks: Could Peyton Manning invest into the Titans?

The Titans CEO Steve Underwood makes it very, very clear that the Titans are not for sale, but he never denied that he would allow someone to own part of the team. So that is actually a pretty good question…..hmm.

@shaun.caffrey says: Preds. Playoffs.

If they continue playing the way they are, I say they’re in and might go further than one round. They need to start winning in overtime, though. There’s no doubt that they can contend against the Chicago Blackhawks, but if they want to get past them in the playoffs, they have to win in overtime.

@c_aleb79 asks: Where would Peyton fit in at coaching for the Tennessee Vols?

I’d say either offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coach. But I feel like a guy like Peyton Manning deserves much more than just a quarterbacks coach position. If they ever fire Butch Jones, why not head coach?

@titanfan13 says: I’m not going to [ask a question] because last time you didn’t answer.

Sorry about that! You have been a loyal follower to TNS, so don’t think we don’t appreciate you! Next time, make sure to comment the question. Don’t D.M it.


@lperko3 asks: Should Titans draft Jalen Ramsey?

Florida State Seminoles CB Jalen Ramsey is from the great state of Tennessee. He was known for his speed and exceptional talent. The Tennessee Titans have Jason McCourty and Perrish Cox and are a team that typically have success at the cornerback position. It seems like when they draft them, one ends up legitimate. So should they bring Ramsey back to Tennessee? If he somehow makes it into the 2nd round, I say why not? But, he shouldn’t be the #1 pick if the Titans are still there. The Titans aren’t at a dire need at the position. 


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Record Tracker⤵

Memphis Grizzlies (37-25)
NBA Ranking: 16th⤴

Nashville Predators  (31-21-11)
NHL Rankings: 15th ⤴

Vanderbilt Commodores (19-12)
SEC Ranking: 4th ⤴

Tennessee Volunteers (13-18)
SEC Ranking: 12th ⤵

Memphis Tigers (17-14)
AAC Ranking: 7th AAC ➖

Midd. Tenn. Blue Raiders (21-9)
C-USA Ranking: 2nd ⤴

TSU Tigers (20-10)
OVE Ranking: 2nd ➖


Vanderbilt Commodores (10-1)
Rank: 2
Tennessee Volunteers (7-3)
Rank: –
Memphis Tigers (5-5)
Rank: –
Midd. Tenn. State (6-5)
Rank: –


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