WATCH OUT: A Marcus Mariota, DeMarco Murray, and Delanie Walker trio should scare the NFL.


The news that shook the entire NFL world: DeMarco Murray traded to the Titans. He will be joining the likes of Marcus Mariota and Pro Bowl Tight End Delanie Walker. The trade caught many by surprise. In fact, a fan had asked if the Titans were going after Murray, then moments later the news broke.

Reports say Murray wanted out of Philadelphia, but that comes to no surprise. The fact that he wanted to come to Tennessee is quite a surprise. The bright side to this groundbreaking trade is the second year quarterback, Mariota, now has a solid runner behind him. The presence of Murray could create more opportunities for the Titans to get creative with talent like Mariota and Walker.

Murray is going to be a captivating project that new head coach Mike Mularkey will have to get right. Mariota is used to taking snaps in the shotgun. That’s what he did for four years in college and mostly last season in the pros. However, Murray is better when he’s taking hand offs from behind the quarterback. It’ll be enticing to see how Mularkey mix the systems to fit both star players.

Although, the Titans running scheme fits Murray perfectly. They’re known as a team that runs through the trenches. That’s partly why CJ2K didn’t work out for very long. Former Eagles coach Chip Kelly attempted to use Murray as a running back that runs to the outside and takes handoffs from the shotgun. You saw how well that worked out, of course. Following Kelly’s firing, Murray’s production improved.

But wait, what did the Titans give up for him? This is a huge trade, so it’s pretty obvious they didn’t get a bang for their buck. Right?  If they did, then great. We’ll find out on Wednesday when the new league year begins whether it was the first overall draft pick or something else. So stay tuned to TNS.

Using Murray correctly will be key. Such a star player lined up behind an up-and-coming quarterback with a premiere tight end is an opportunity not too many teams get. It’ll be all on Mularkey to redeem himself to fans that voiced displeasure to his hiring.


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