Three things the Grizzlies HAVE to do to be elite.


It’s been a depressing season for Memphis sports fans. That includes the Memphis Tigers. Head coach Josh Pastner will likely be out of a job soon.

But, this isn’t about the Tigers and their head coach. The Grizzlies have some serious problems of their own. Having a slow start to the NBA season, they were hovering around .500 before finally reaching 10 games above it. Once their centerpiece and All-Star Marc Gasol went out with an injury, things started to collapse like dominos.

The Grizzlies are above .500 right now, but that window may quickly close with the negative trend they’re on. Grizzlies waived guard Mario Chalmers on Thursday, who was set to become a free agent this offseason. He put up decent numbers in Memphis coming off the bench, averaged around 10 points a game.

During the Boston Celtics debacle on Wednesday, their bench was pretty much non-existent. Yeah, it was sad and lonely.

It’s unacceptable to see the once-mighty Grizzlies this way. That is why TNS truly believes it is time for them to tank and rebuild. Here’s three ways the Grizzlies should rebuild.

1. Drafting/Signing promising three point shooter(s).

Losing Jeff Green and Mario Chalmers was not unanimous moves by the Grizzlies. Memphis is counting on Tony Allen to make threes and score 20+ points a game. Yep, Tony Allen. Drafting or signing, preferably drafting, a young and promising three point specialist is important to taking leaps towards that elite status.

2. Find solid back ups for Gasol and Randolph.

Gasol and Randolph are great friends. They have fun out there together, at least when they are winning. They’re also human, so of course they need to rest. Why give opposing teams a break from that “Grit ‘N’ Grind” style when Gasol and/or Randolph goes to take a breather? Finding or developing consistency behind those two players will make Memphis tough to beat again.

3. Fire head coach Dave Joerger and G.M Chris Wallace.

You might hate me for this – if you disagree – but, this is a bold one that should happen if Memphis wants to reach elite levels. Wallace has made questionable roster moves and can’t seem to keep players. Joerger is a great coach when it comes to numbers, but the success on the court isn’t showing much. Grizzlies should find a coach that will push the players above and beyond. Joerger isn’t the guy for the job.

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