Is Jon Robinson the ultimate savior?


He said all the right things in his introduction press conference. Not only is he saying the right things, but he’s doing the right things. Oh, not to mention he’s a Titans fan himself.

Titans General Manager Jon Robinson scouted key weapons for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He sought out talent for Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston. So far during free agency, he’s landing talent for his own record-breaking quarterback, Marcus Mariota, winning them over more successful franchises like the multi-championship winning organization, the Patriots.

Although, you shouldn’t get too excited over the free agency period. Good free agent pick ups doesn’t always equal success on the field. Robinson knows what he’s doing, though, and is filling roster holes aggressively.

Running back DeMarco Murray researched the Titans, making sure it was a good fit. He even called former running backs of Mike Mularkey’s “smashmouth” system and they all strongly recommended him to join the Titans.

Talented receiver Rishard Matthews was suddenly eager to join Tennessee and ready to catch passes from Mariota after meeting and signing the dotted line with Robinson.

Robinson is experienced in scouting good players, and he showed that during free agency by convincing players that Tennessee’s future is bright and they should be here, not anywhere else. Now it’s time for the draft. Top prospect offensive linemen Laremy Tunsil keeps getting more obvious by the minute. Drafting a safety and defensive linemen is likely as well.

Last season, Mariota rejuvenated the hope among fans. This season, Robinson and, ironically, the ownership crew has done the same. Maybe the smart aleck attitude of the Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk and CEO Steve Underwood is exactly what the front office needs.


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