#AskTNS: What will the Titans do with Zach Mettenberger?


Your Questions Answered!

@memphis.grizz asks: Do you think the Grizzlies should sign Pete Pranica to a 10-day contract?

The commentator? That would be awesome. How about me and you create a hashtag to catch the Grizzlies attention and make it happen.

@stracke_29 asks: Will Marcus Mariota be going under center more to better suit DeMarco Murray and his run style?

Yes. The Titans will create a way to mix both of their styles in one system without giving away what they’re about to do to opposing defenses. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of plays they’ll run. Mike Mularkey already mentioned that the Titans offense will feature more trickery and creativity.

@n_east34 asks: Will Vanderbilt make a run in the tournament?

Two things. One: It all depends on which team shows up. If they play like they did vs. Tennessee, which eliminated them from the SEC tournament, they probably won’t. Two: Everytime someone asks me questions like this one and I say “no,” I typically get proven wrong by that team. So I will say no.

@stantonsweeney asks: What do you think about Briante?

I see potential in him. He seems to be making immediate impact in his 10-day contract. Like the 10 point, seven assist, five rebound, one steal, and one block game he had in the win over New Orleans.

@twotonedblues asks: What other moves will the Titans make in free agency?

They’re currently trying to land LG Louis Vasquez. There are four undisclosed teams interested in Eric Weddle. The Titans need to replace Michael Griffin. The Titans are also hosting LB Terence Garvin on Monday.

@elijah5pittman asks: Will the Titans get Louis Vasquez?

I don’t see why he wouldn’t come to Tennessee. They met with him today and only they know how that went. Hopefully tomorrow he decides to stay in Nashville on a deal with the Titans.

@tennessee_titans1 asks: What is your opinion on what to do with the first pick?

They should take Laremy Tunsil with it. Maybe trade down a little, get more draft picks, hope Tunsil’s still available, and draft him. I think taking Tunsil could end up being a huge boost.

@chris_03_____ asks: Will Pastner be gone this year?

I believe he will be. I will go out on a limb and say he’ll be fired sometime this week.

@ethan_cary88 asks: Do you think Memphis Tigers basketball will soon become a powerhouse once again?

Once they find a coach that will push their talent to the limits, yes. Memphis has so much talent on the roster. The future’s bright.

@biged615 asks: How do you justify Vandy over South Carolina in the NCAA Tournament?

Honestly, I don’t even know the science behind that decision. That was a surprising one to me. But at least South Carolina’s in the NIT Tournament.

@bodittle asks: How many more years until Grizz ๐Ÿ”›๐Ÿ”?

Once they find solid three shooters and good back ups for Gasol, Randolph, and said three shooters, they’ll be ๐Ÿ”›๐Ÿ”. I think that’ll take them 2-3 seasons.

@theburnettlife asks: What do you think will outcome of the drama going on with the Vols and butch be?

I think the Volunteers will see some kind of punishment by the SEC. It’ll be a while though, because they will have to investigate and make sure the allegations are true. But, I don’t know if so many people will make up such a story. If they are making this up, why bother the Volunteers out of all programs?


@_junior_3_ asks: Should the Titans trade Zach Mettenberger and where should he go and who will we get [in return]?

Marcus Mariota is the center of attention in Nashville, when it comes to the quarterback position at least. Mettenberger, winless in the NFL as a starter, is a forgotten man. The Titans signed Matt Cassel to be a backup for Mariota. Reports say Mett and Matt will battle for that #2 spot behind Mariota, so I don’t see a trade happening anytime soon.

If Matt Cassel happens to win the battle to be Mariota’s back up, there could possibly be a trade, but not likely. Mettenberger is a decent back up to have on the roster, even though he’s not good in clutch moments.

If he does happen to be traded, I can see a trade between Tennessee and Cleveland. Considering everyone’s flocking out of Cleveland, I don’t know who we would get in return. Maybe some of their draft picks and a key defensive player.


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