BOLD PREDICTION: The 2016 Titans will resemble the stunning 2008 Titans.


The Titans were in the playoffs eight years ago after a gratifying 13-3 season. Unfortunately, that was the last time they’ve had that kind of success. They started the season 10-0 before having their first loss against Brett Favre and the New York Jets.

Their quarterback ended up being the veteran Kerry Collins after Vince Young suffered a knee injury in the season opener versus their AFC South rivals, Jacksonville Jaguars, in Nashville.

The following three seasons, the Titans were falling a hair short of playoff contention. After that, it’s been nowhere close.

What do the 2008 Tennessee Titans have to do with anything?

The recipe of that stunning team is much like what Jon Robinson is building now. A torturous defense, you could argue that Jurrell Casey is the 2016 team’s Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vandenbosch rolled into one, a good quarterback, but much younger, and a good running back, potentially. The receivers in 2008 weren’t that jaw-dropping, but great receivers aren’t very necessary if you have a good, accurate quarterback and an offensive line to protect him.

Needless to say, the 2016 team has an upgrade at the tight end position. Jared Cook was a valuable asset for Collins in 2008, and we already know Delanie Walker is an important piece for Marcus Mariota.

What else does the 2016 Titans have in common with the 2008 Titans?

An unproven head coach. Yes, Jeff Fisher made it to the Superbowl. Yet, he lost. He still had something to prove, and once he finally gained the right pieces, he put together a great 2008 season. Mike Mularkey is an unproven head coach, who got the job the same way Fisher got his: being promoted from interim to permanent head coach.

The list is getting checked quickly for the Titans:


Quarterback ✔
Defense ✔
Tight End ✔
Offensive Line □
Running Back □

DeMarco Murray and the offensive line is still unproven, but Robinson is building something special.


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