Robinson sets expensive price for No.1 pick.


Rumors have scurried around the NFL world saying Titans General Manager Jon Robinson is trying his best to trade the number one overall pick away.

Today, he has set the price for the number one pick, and it’s expensive.

Robinson said they need “king’s ransom” for the pick. In other words, if you’re calling him for the pick, you better be ready to capitulate your draft picks in exchange – a lot of them.

“There is a group of players that are at the top of the draft, that, you don’t want to move back too far cause you can miss out on one of those guys, and if you do move back that far you want to make sure that you have a king’s ransom, for lack of a better term, to move that far,” he said via ESPN. “I would say that for us to move out of that pick, it’s going to take a substantial amount of picks to do that.”

The Titans are rumored to take Laremy Tunsil or Jalen Ramsey with the first pick if it’s not traded away. However, collecting a ton of picks could be used to help out franchise quarterback Marcus Mariota.


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