Titans working to end stand off with NFL.


After Bud Adams passed away in 2013, the Titans ownership has been anything but stable. The NFL has had enough. This is an organization that seen former CEO Tommy Smith unceremoniously stepped down. They then named Steve Underwood interim CEO, and he went on to become the permanent CEO in 2016.

The NFL, however, hasn’t been impressed with Tennessee’s organization. Not because of the product on the field, but the product off the field. Thousands called for the organization to be sold, and the NFL threatened to punish the organization if no changes were made.

Amy Adams Strunk, Titans controlling owner since March 2015, says she’s working to resolve the problems between the league and the organization.

“I think they obviously think there is a little something to it,” she told ESPN.com. “Every month we’re getting closer to what they want. It’s going to get resolved. We’re not worried about that at all.”

Strunk’s been the controlling owner for a year, and has only been to a handful of NFL-mandated events. Recently, she went to Nashville from her hometown in Texas to meet and greet fans on the Nissan Stadium field at 104.5 The Zone’s annual SportsFest. She’ll be heading to Boca Raton, Florida for the NFL owners meetings.

Although it’s good to know the ownership crew is attempting to end the stand off between themselves and the NFL, it shouldn’t come as an easy task for someone who is fairly new to the job.

“Like I’ve said before, I’m the new guy and it’s kind of just time for me to get out there a little bit and let people know me.”


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