Peyton Manning perfect fit for the Titans?


Peyton Manning shocked every one when he decided not to retire a Colt. He spent the majority of his career building a legacy in Indianapolis, however he decided to retire with the team that got him to two Superbowl in three years: the Denver Broncos.

Now every one has turned their attention to the new question: What’s next for the future Hall of Famer? Who’s front office will he join? He said before that he wants to join the executive side of football once his career is done.

Well, why not the Tennessee Titans, Mr. Manning?

Manning has strong personal ties to the Volunteer state. He spends a lot of his down time in Tennessee or doing Tennessee-like things. Who could forget when he orchestrated the “Rocky Top Tennessee” tune with the Colorado symphony. He is an University of Tennessee alum. Manning has his name up on Neyland Stadium and was drafted number one overall out of Tennessee. His wife’s a part owner of the Memphis Grizzlies. That’s not a well known fact.

Manning had a tough time choosing between Tennessee and Denver when he was released by the Colts. Of course, he chose Denver. That kind of makes you think “Wow, we were that close to being a Superbowl team and having Manning retire a Titan.” That would’ve been a drastic turn of events.

When you’re an executive, you really don’t have an off season. During the season, you’re traveling with the team, most likely, and during the offseason, you’re working to fix any problems the team currently has. With that being said, if he were to not choose the Titans, he would probably have no time to visit his alma mater in Knoxville. But, if he chooses the Titans, he’s only a three hour drive away from Big Orange Country.

Or just join the Volunteers coaching staff. That works too.


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