Titans could make history and improve their defense with Ramsey.


The NFL Draft is a month from Monday, and the Titans are on the clock with the number one overall pick.

They have a handful of needs on the roster. Their defense lacks a versatile playmaker that can change the course of an NFL game. That’s why Titans fans are calling for them to draft cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

“If he’s the best player we think is going to help our football team immediately and is best suited for what we want on and off the field, then he could be that guy,” Titans coach Mike Mularkey said on Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings, via ESPN.

If Ramsey is taken by Tennessee at the number one pick, it would be the first time in NFL history that a cornerback was taken first.

Cornerback isn’t a huge need for Tennessee, but that’s not the only position the versatile athlete can play. After cutting veteran safety Michael Griffin, Ramsey can fill the need at the safety position.

“If we had to put him at a nickel to play the tight ends that are playing at such a high level, he could do that,” Mularkey said. “Like his size. Like the way he tackles. A very aggressive player. That’s rare to have a cover guy who will come up and strike you like he will.” – via ESPN.

The Titans are rumoured to take offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil by most analyst. Some have them taking Ramsey, or trading down and selecting wide receiver Josh Doctson. Right now, anything is possible.


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