Titans, Preds big favorites to surprise in 2016-17.


Tennessee Sports is on the rise, as they may say. They seek their organization’s first championship in Tennessee. It’s bound to happen at some point.

Tennessee’s professional teams consist of two relocations and one expansion franchise. The Predators are the only team in Tennessee that has started their history in the state. The Titans originated from Houston, Texas. That’s where it all began for them. They won a few championships during that time. Late owner Bud Adams decided Houston wasn’t his thing anymore and moved the historic franchise to a city on the rise: Nashville.

Meanwhile, the Grizzlies originated from Los Angeles. Just kidding, calm down. They are originally from Vancouver before relocating to Memphis and began as the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2001 and 2002 season. They were the first NBA franchise to relocate between 2001 and 2008.

Not much rich history or tradition yet for Tennessee’s young teams. The Titans probably have the most history out of the three. Their first season in Nashville was a miraculous Superbowl run. They advanced to the NFL playoffs nearly every season up to 2008. 

There are two teams multiple sports analysts believe are on the rise very quickly. And coincidentally, their respective city is also on a rapid rise.

1. Nashville Predators

They established themselves as a team to beat in 2014-15. They had a historic season and were labeled as the NHL’s best team for quite a while. Too bad a sloppy ending put a crushing halt to their NHL dreams. A bad start to the 2015-16 season had everyone believing the previous season was a fluke, but their recent strides has convinced everyone once again that the Predators actually are a team to beat. Whether they end the current season winning the Stanley Cup or not, there’s no reason to doubt that 2016-17 will be another year for their franchise record books. With so much valuable talent and an opportunity to add to it when the season’s over, the Predators will be tough to beat during the season and in the playoffs for years to come.

2. Tennessee Titans

It’s not about the big moves, such as drafting Marcus Mariota and trading for DeMarco Murray. It’s about the little moves. General Manager Jon Robinson has been making small, under-the-radar moves that might seem unimportant now. If you put a bunch of small moves, which consists of talented players together, it’s almost like a science project, because it creates a surprising team full of has-beens and “nobodies”. They all share a common thing: a chip on their shoulder. That’s what creates those exciting “worst-to-first” teams. Multiple NFL analysts believe the Titans will shock everyone next season. They have a decent mix of nobodies and talent, and they all are hungry for success.

Out of these two teams, the Predators are more likely to be that team. Don’t rule out the Memphis Grizzlies, though. They aren’t too far off.


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