Next Dangerous Duo?


Watch out, the Tennessee Titans took a chance on a kid who most considered to be a trouble-maker, and he has a chip on his shoulder.

Dorial Green-Beckham wants to make everyone regret not taking the risk.

Mike Mularkey believes in him and will let his performance on the field dictate whether or not he can be a number one receiver.

“That motivates me that I can become one of the big guys in this offense and on this team,” Green-Beckham said, “I want to try to do that for myself also. I use that as motivation every time I go and work out. That’s what I’m trying to become is the person they want me to become.” – via theScore and TitansInsider.

Titans fans remember being torched by the Manning-Harrison duo, with Reggie Wayne in company, that took over the AFC South for over a decade. History tends to repeat itself, but rarely with the same team.


Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota and receiver “D.G.B” might be that next AFC South dangerous duo.

Green-Beckham played all 16 games in 2015. He snagged 32 receptions for 549 yards and four touchdowns. He showed flashes of potential, usually with Mariota under center.

Let’s take a look at Mariota’s rookie year compared to Peyton Manning.

Manning had a rough rookie season. He had a touchdown:interception ration of 26:28. He was sacked 22 times, which ended up being one of his career highs. The future hall-of-famer had the lowest completion percentage of his career of 56.7%. He was 59.8% in 2015.

The Colts finished 3-13 that season.

As you might expect, Manning improved on those numbers the following season. He posted a TD:INT ratio of 29:15, and had a completion percentage 62.1%. He threw for 4,135 yards and went on to throw for 4,000+ yards for 14 of the next 16 seasons.

Mariota’s rookie year wasn’t all that great either. He threw for 2,818 yards and had a completion percentage of 62.2. He threw 19 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions. He didn’t start all 16 games.

Titans final record: 3-13.

The Titans franchise isn’t that historic when it comes to the receiver position. They’re mostly known for their running back and defensive line positions. Their receivers have always been under the radar, but capable of having big games as long as the quarterback is on the money.

Justin Gage, Drew Bennett, Derrick Mason, just to name a few. They all combined for 71 touchdowns with the Titans.

Green-Beckham will be the next receiver to shine for Tennessee. There are multiple reasons why Titans fans should be excited about the future.


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