How Nashville’s fanbases are emerging as one of the best.


“Heyy, you suck!”

Nashville sports fans are not ones to hold back how they feel. From entertaining chants to booing someone out of a job, Nashville’s fanbases are quickly emerging as one of the best in sports.

Nashville Predators fans are typically hated by other NHL fanbases. Why? Whenever they give their reason, it’s usually because of their demeaning chants towards opposing teams and the referees. Whenever the goalie allows the Predators to score a goal, the fans begin their attack on him. They chant “Heyy, you suck!” in unison. Later in the game, they can be heard calling a certain player’s name then saying “You suck!”

Because of that, opposing teams’ fans bash Nashvillians and their city, calling it “Trashville.” How classy.

Predators fans know how to have fun. They support their team by packing Bridgestone Arena covered in gold and getting extremely loud for no other reason than to annoy the opposing team. Celebrities admitted going to Predators games are fun and live, because the fans are into it.

The “Thanks, Paul!” segments are entertaining as well.


Titans fans don’t have designated chants, but boy do they let their feelings be heard. Within the last decade, there’s been a handful of decisions made by the organization that were obviously influenced by the fans.

Former Titans quarterback Vince Young was aggressively booed by Titans fans. After the season, he was released. They made their opinions abundantly clear about Jeff Fisher, that same year, the longest head coaching tenure in Titans franchise history was abruptly ended. 

Who can forget the latest one? Ken Whisenhunt. He was unanimously disliked by the entire fanbase. I don’t think there was one fan that liked his vision and accomplishments, or lack there of. The ownership crew admitted that the fanbase had a part in his firing. They listened to what the fans wanted and got it done midseason.

Other small side notes, Titans fans will let their feelings be heard if you’re a head coach calling bad plays, they’ll boo you loudly. If you’re calling good plays, they’ll cheer the roof off.

Moral of the story, if you are a Titans head coach or player, you are on a tight rope and you are not just being evaluated by the ownership, but thousands of people who bleed two-toned blue.

Nashvillians love their teams. They will flock towards the more successful team in the city, but all-in-all they love their professional teams. Don’t believe me? Go to a Predators game.


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