#AskTNS: Why Rashad Johnson will be another free agency steal.


Your Questions Answered!

@stantonsweeney asks: What is your favorite thing to eat while watching a game?

I don’t usually eat while watching my favorite teams. I’m too nervous/anxious. But, if I’m watching the Superbowl or any other big game, I would like to eat some hot wings, fries, with a nice cold drink. This question’s making me hungry.

@a_woods28 asks: What’s the outlook on the Titans and their draft picks? (3-7)

Most likely they’re taking Laremy Tunsil with the first pick, but that shouldn’t stop them from taking a few o-linemen in rounds 3-7. I also expect them to go heavy on the defense. The injury bug exposed the lack of secondary depth last season.

@n_east34 asks: Who do you predict as Vanderbilt’s next head coach?

Some popular names that are floating around are Harvard’s Tommy Amaker, who has 351 wins in 19 seasons as head coach. Belmont’s Rick Byrd, who has seven NCAA Tournament appearances, and Yale’s winningest head coach in history, James Jones.

@matt_gemmell16 asks: Who was better, Warren Moon or Steve McNair?

Statistically, Moon. Moon has created more history and set the records for Steve McNair to break. Looking at the numbers, Moon is the clear answer. However, McNair was a great, underrated player. If the Titans won the Superbowl vs. the Rams and one more during his time, he’d be in hall of fame talks.

@kobe_mayberry asks: Will the Adams family be forced to sell the Titans?

It certainly looks that way. Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk said she is working to resolve the issue with the NFL, but the league is still not happy with the way the organization is being ran.

@bodittle asks: What’s your favorite Tenn sports team?

Titans. I grew up watching them and rarely ever miss a game. I recently became a fan of the Grizzlies and Predators, though. Now I love all three of our pro teams.

@_born2write_ asks: Do you believe Mike Conley will return for the playoffs?

He’s expected to. I seen a few reports saying he should be healthy enough to return to the lineup before the playoffs, but Memphis might sit him until it’s playoff time.


@elijah5pittman asks: What do you think about Rashad Johnson?

There’s no reason to doubt that Rashad Johnson will be yet another free agency steal for Tennessee. He would be added onto the list with Delanie Walker, Perrish Cox, Brian Orakpo, and even Dick Lebeau if you can consider him a free agent. Johnson has gained tremendous respect among teammates in Arizona, as well as the organization. His veteran leadership and loads of talent should help the Titans sustain stability in the secondary. It’s become an annual thing for the Titans. Pick up a handful of scrubs, and one will turn out better than anyone ever expected. LeBeau will find a way to use his strengths to the teams advantage. Let’s hope Robinson made the right move.



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