MUST SEE: Titans fans feel their heart drop with this cruel April Fools joke.


Photo not owned by TNS. Full rights to The Tennessean

Marcus Mariota is a popular athlete on the Tennessee Titans. He’s mutually loved among the fanbase and organization, and is considered a quarterback with a lot of potential.

So, TNS decided to have a little fun with that on April Fools day with its outspoken followers.

On Instagram, Tennessee Sports decided to scare the Titans fanbase by posting this:


This is why it’s important to read the “fine print”, folks. By fine print, I mean the part where it says “#ThisIsAnAprilFoolsJoke.” Of course, some didn’t bother reading the fine print, (Hence the #IBetYoureTooLazyToReadTheHashtags part) like this guy:


But at least he finally realized.


And this guy admitted his wrongdoing.


This person fell for it so hard, they lost their cool! Luckily they were able to find it.


Some didn’t buy it for one second.


See? Even he said a second.

April Fools is a fun day, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Did you pull an April Fools joke on someone today? If so, share it with TNS by commenting on one of our social media sites!


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Joke inspired by Titans Fans Everywhere on Facebook.


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