#AskTNS: What are the Titans top 3 offseason moves in history?


Your Questions Answered!

@a_lacey85kg asks: Do you think the Titans will trade the 1st pick?

They want to. However, now that Cleveland has RG3, the demand for the number one pick has been altered. Everyone who is desperate enough to trade up most likely are in need of a quarterback. They know Tennessee isn’t taking a quarterback, so if they want to trade up, they’ll give Cleveland or San Diego a call. If Tennessee takes a quarterback that would be pretty weird.

@_junior_3_ asks: If Grizzlies don’t make the playoffs, what draft pick will they get?

I am kind of new to the NBA and their draft process, but I just did a little research in order to give you my best answer. If Memphis miss the playoffs, they’ll be a lottery team. That means they will be choosing their draft pick in lottery style, which the NBA does annually. They’ll have one of the first 14 picks.

@stracke_29 asks: Who are the best offensive tackles in the draft that the Titans will be able to pick up in later rounds?

Some of the best names out there are Le’Raven Clark out of Texas Tech. He could fall to the later rounds. Notre Dames’ Ronnie Stanley is just as praised as Laremy Tunsil, if he falls to the second or third round that would be a steal for Tennessee. Ole Miss’ Fahn Copper is a big guy who the Titans could use on the line.

@shaun.caffrey asks: (In addition to @a_lacey85kg question) and who would they trade for?

Jon Robinson is looking for a lot of picks in return. Well, maybe not a lot, but enough to help fill some needs and build around Marcus Mariota. I don’t think we’ll necessarily get a player in return unless a team with a high draft pick wants to trade with us.

@brody_hays_10 asks: Is Jalen Ramsey a number one pick?

I mean, what he said wasn’t wrong. He’s a talented athlete. I think he is worth the first overall pick. But if Tennessee pick him, it might be the first move Robinson has made that causes a huge uproar among Titans fans. Most agree that Tunsil is what we need. The protection of the franchise QB is vital.

@b_ballbob asks: Is UT football a legit contender for the national stage for the upcoming season? What will their win/loss record be?

I wouldn’t call them a “legit contender” yet, but they have a load of potential. I think they’ll be around 8-3 or 9-2. That’s my bold prediction.

@twotonedblues asks: Will we upgrade our secondary? (To answer your first question, see @stracke_29‘s question above)

Yes. I think we did by replacing Mike Griff with Rashad Johnson. I believe Robinson will attack the secondary a little in the draft or more in free agency. The secondary was a huge struggle last season.

@_kpfaff asks: Will the Grizz win atleast one game against GSW this season?

Memphis can barely beat teams like the Orlando Magic. With that being said, I highly doubt they’ll find a way to conquer the reigning, defending NBA Champions. They’re on a season-long 6 game losing streak. They have absolutely no momentum to help them against Golden State.

@isaiahhallen98 asks: Do you think the Titans will trade Zach Mettenberger?

I think they’ll try to keep him and let him compete in training camp for that number two spot, but I’m sure if a team who needs a quarterback, like the Jets, San Francisco, or Broncos, make a good offer, he’d be gone.

@stantonsweeney asks about Grizzlies playoff chances: How many games do we need to lose to be out, and how many games do we need to win to be in?

With today’s loss, we now hold the 6th seed. We would literally have to lose the rest of the season, and Utah, Dallas and Houston, who are all trailing Memphis by 2-3 games, would have to win for us to miss the playoffs. I looked everywhere trying to find some expert analysis on the CURRENT Grizzlies state, but it’s too soon.


@matt_gemmell16 asks: Top three offseason moves in Titans history?

Interesting question. Here are TNS’ top three moves in the offseason by the Titans.

1. Kyle Vandenbosch

He had his best years in Tennessee, advancing to the Pro Bowl multiple times before leaving for Detroit after the 2008 season. He was known as the “Tasmanian devil” while thriving alongside Albert Haynesworth.

2. Obtaining Delanie Walker

San Francisco passed up a talented, physically gifted tight end. The Titans took advantage. I am positive the 49ers G.M still regrets that to this day. He’s been in Tennessee for three seasons and has advanced to the Pro Bowl once. He is expected to thrive under Marcus Mariota.

3. Drafting Steve McNair

This was a draft pick that soon would change the course of the franchise for nearly a decade. McNair was a tough individual who never chose to give up. He led the Titans to multiple division titles and through the playoffs to the franchise’s only Superbowl appearance, where they fell one yard short to Kurt Warner and the St. Louis Rams.


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