How the Grizzlies have impressed Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.


Steve Kerr’s team is 70-9, footsteps away from breaking the ’95-’96 Chicago Bulls record for most wins in a single season. He has the Golden State Warriors playing at a level other NBA teams wish they could play at.

Yet, Warriors head coach calls Memphis “One of the most impressive stories in the NBA this year.” There’s no way 42-37 is as impressive as 70-9, Mr. Kerr.

It’s not the record that is impressing him, though. It’s the fact that, despite signing 28 different players, losing nearly all of their star players, and going on their worst losing streak this season, they still managed to make the playoffs for the sixth straight year.

Guard Bryce Cotton made history by being the Grizzlies 28th player to hit the court. The organization becomes the first team to make the playoffs after signing 28 players in a single season. It’s been that kind of year for Memphis.

The Grizzlies won’t get Mike Conley or Marc Gasol back until the 2016-17 season, so not many people are expecting the Grizzlies to make a run this year. Conversely, stranger things have happened.


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