#AskTNS: How the Predators can shock the world in the NHL Playoffs.


@elijah5pittman and @twotonedblues asks: What’s the update on Louis Vasquez?

There hasn’t been anything on it. I guess it just isn’t happening. If anything comes up, I’ll be sure to update TNS as soon as possible.

@stantonsweeney asks: How do you feel about the Grizzlies loss last night? I personally feel pretty terrible. Regarding the no-call at the end.

I agree. On a positive note, I liked how they played versus the Warriors. If they can play with that kind of initiative, they could surprise many by at least putting up a fight in the playoffs. Of course, the referees screwed the Grizzlies, and it left a bad taste in my mouth.

@_junior_3_ asks: What will a trade with the Cowboys be like?

I would think a trade with Dallas would include a multitude of their picks, along with some of their offensive linemen. It would be pretty decent if Jon Robinson pulled that off.

@kobe_mayberry asks: What do you think Demarco’s season will be like? Rushing yards wise.

I think he will be the first Titans running back in a while to eclipse 1,000 yards. When the Titans have a talented quarterback and running back, their offense can be deadly. So I feel a big season for Murray is on the way.


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@b_ballbob asks: What are the expectations for UT basketball?

They’re expected to get better under Rick Barnes. Barnes had the team playing great at some points, but you can’t expect consistency when a team just introduced a new head coach. Barnes has a chance to look back at the season to see what he has, and make a few adjustments necessary. The arrow is pointing up for big orange basketball.

@chris_03___ asks: Who do you think the Tigers will hire in basketball?

Memphis immediately began their search for a new head coach after Pastner ditched them for Georgia Tech. Some names that are out there: Wichita State’s Gregg Marshall, former Tigers and major supporter Penny Hardaway, and Duke’s assistant coach Jeff Capel.

@justinjuranek asks: Do the Titans have a legitimate chance at winning the division?

I think if the Titans get DeMarco Murray and Marcus Mariota to play at a high level, and keep the defense at a top 10 status, they’ll have a shot. The Texans won the division with a 9-7 record. If the Titans wouldn’t have made small mistakes in the close games, they would’ve been 9-7.

@matt_gemmell16 asks: One game-winning play, one game-winning drive, one season, 10 seasons, any Titans QB ever.

I’m not sure if you’re asking a question or doing a voice-over for a movie trailer. But since this is #AskTNS, I will assume it’s a question. That being said, I’ll take Marcus Mariota. He’s calm under pressure and makes smart decisions. I kind of wanted to say Steve McNair, but I’ll go with Mariota.

@canadian_zach99 asks: Will the Preds win the cup?

I think they have a good shot. I just wish they didn’t go on a losing streak, with the exception of the win over Colorado, to end the season. On the other hand, see the next question to find out how they could!


@divergent_spn61 asks: What are some keys for the Predators to get past the first round in the playoffs?

It was unfortunate to see the Predators’ hot streak come to a screeching halt versus the Avalanche, which started a losing streak for the Predators. Their only win came versus Colorado a week and a day later, thus eliminating the Avs from playoff contention.

Then again, that shouldn’t scare Predators fans, though. The Predators will enter the NHL Playoffs confident and ready to battle anyone. In order for them to make it far, they’re going to need help from Pekka Rinne. It seems obvious that when Rinne, the goalie, plays well the team wins. He’s the guy that keeps the other team from scoring a goal. However, it’s nothing but true. The Predators need Rinne playing his best if they want to make a run in the playoffs. You see how well they did in February and March? That was a combination of Rinne denying and Forsberg being “Scoresberg”. The Predators absolutely need that! They need their defenseman playing at their best, and their best scorers, James Neal, Filip Forsberg, Ryan Johansen, etc. to be at their best.

If we can get that, it’ll be an exciting playoff run for Nashville. The inconsistency must end NOW. It’s time to get going, Preds.


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