5 ways Nashville’s growth will affect the Titans.


Does a better city always equal a better team? Let’s take Los Angeles for example. Does being a team in L.A factor into your team’s success? The Clippers and the Lakers are on two different sides of the NBA. The Clippers are playoff bound and typically hard to beat, and the Lakers are apparently beatable.

That’s different from their rich history, though. The Lakers are getting ready to say farewell to one of the best NBA players in its history: Kobe Bryant.

What about Nashville? The city is quickly on the rise. There’s construction at every angle you turn, and more companies are moving there every year. I think the new statistic is about 82 people move there every day. That’s insane.

Nashville is becoming the USA’s newest hotspot. It’s often referred to as “NashVegas” or “the little sister of Los Angeles.” So, back to the original question: does a better city always equal a better team? Here are 5 ways the city’s growth will affect the Tennessee Titans.


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1. Attracting top free agents

As the city continue to grow into more than just country music, free agents will want to go there. The welcoming vibe that Nashville is building, along with its growth and appeal, will aide the Titans attempt to win over top free agents that might be available. Nowadays, free agents would rather go to places like L.A or New York, but before long, Nashville will be the main destination.

2. More citizens, more fans.

Move over, Titans nation, there are new people coming in. With more and more people going into the city, you may start to see Nissan Stadium more filled. Or perhaps they’ll just become Predators fans. That seems to be the case as of now.

3. Renovations to the Stadium.

You’ve already heard that they’re replacing the plain concrete look on the outside of the stadium with a Nissan-like red color, and replacing the stadium seating. The biggest change lately has been the stadium name from LP Field to Nissan Stadium. Nashville’s skyline is getting wider every year, so don’t you think a small town stadium look would soon need to be upgraded? I’ll say in the next few decades, you can expect plans of a newer, more updated stadium to begin. I’ve actually heard small rumors of a climate control stadium.

4. Attract huge league events

As more condos and hotels are being built, it increases Nashville’s chances of one day hosting a Superbowl. The city hasn’t placed a bid yet, due to lack of hotels. The Superbowl brings in millions, so Nashville still has some kinks to work out. However, an NFL Draft event would be possible.

5. New looks to the city, New looks to the team.

Nashville loves their team, so if the city changes, the team will too. Right now, they still have that small town, new team look. Sometime, you can expect maybe newer helmets, maybe a logo upgrade, or even new uniforms.

It’s exciting when the city is growing around you. It can be intimidating, knowing some of the places you’ve known growing up could be replaced by some rich guy who owns a business. After all, the Titans and Music City share one common thing: a bright future.


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