Funny Twitter reactions on Titans-Rams trade.


The Titans general manager has done it again. All I can say is…WOW! First, DeMarco Murray, and now the Titans and Rams complete a blockbuster NFL Draft trade, which has the Rams receiving the Titans first overall pick, fourth round pick, and sixth round pick. In return, the Titans receive picks No. 15, No. 43, No. 45, No. 76, and the Rams’ first- and third-round picks in 2017.

Most people will say the Titans are the true winners of this trade, but we won’t find out until after the draft and a few years after that.

Just think about this: If the Rams are bad next season, the Titans will have a great pick. If the Titans are bad too, that’s two top 10 picks. Crazy.

Meanwhile, here are some of Twitter’s reactions to the blockbuster trade.


Washington traded with the Rams to select RG3 a few years ago. That ended up working better with the Rams. I’m sure the Redskins view this as karma waiting to happen.


Grizzlies player Brandan Wright approves the move.


The Rams and Titans finish the business on Twitter with a virtual handshake.


Thanks, Jeff Fisher!

The trade was two things: epic and unexpected. It’s easy to say that the Titans won this business meeting, but we’ll see in the next few years. Let’s hope the Titans’ great moves pay off.


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