Boldly predicting the 2016-17 Titans schedule, game by game.


It was a huge day for the NFL. The Titans and Rams announced a huge trade, which completely changed the landscape of the NFL Draft. Later on, the official 2016 NFL schedules were released. It didn’t take long before TNS revealed its predictions for the 2016 Tennessee Titans before the draft. There will also be a few more after the draft, depending on draft moves.


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1. vs. Vikings

The Titans open at home. They’ve opened the past two seasons on the road and dominated. I doubt being at home will change that.

Titans 42 Vikings 20

2. @ Detroit

The Lions aren’t doing so great, and they just said goodbye to “Megatron” Calvin Johnson. The Titans’ stifling defense will have no one to worry about, but it’ll be a close one in Detroit.

Titans 23 Lions 20

3. vs. Raiders

Returning home 2-0, Titans fans are pumped as their team is getting ready to face a young Raiders team. Unfortunately, they will go home disappointed, as the Titans will fall short of starting 3-0 for only the second time in franchise history.

Titans 10 Raiders 24

4. @ Houston

The Titans aren’t happy after being defeated by Oakland at home. What a way to bounce back by defeating your rivals at their house? Too bad that won’t happen.

Titans 17 Texans 31

5. @ Miami

On a two game skid, Titans fans are going “Oh no, not again!” Don’t worry, guys, this is a bounce back game. Titans will get their revenge from 2015 season, when the Dolphins completely manhandled them at Nissan Stadium all while injuring Mariota in the process.

Titans 34 Dolphins 17

6. vs Browns

Back at Nissan Stadium. The Browns visit the Titans with RG3 under center. The Titans defense will torture Griffin, getting a season high (so far) six sacks!

Titans 31 Browns 6

7. vs Colts

After a huge win, they host the Colts. They hope the momentum will roll over to this matchup, but unfortunately it doesn’t.

Titans 16 Colts 20

8. vs. Jaguars Thursday Night

Primetime game after losing to Indianapolis. The Titans aren’t happy. DeMarco Murray shows up for the primetime game and plays great – rushing for over 200 yards!

Titans 30 Jaguars 24 F/OT

9. @ San Diego

The Titans have only defeated the Chargers once in 20+ years. That one win is thanks to Jake Locker and Justin Hunter. That one win will remain alone.

Titans 13 Chargers 23

10. vs. Packers

Titans haven’t done well against the Packers as of late. Aaron Rodgers seem to have explosive games versus the Titans. It’ll continue at Nissan Stadium.

Titans 10 Packers 38

11. @ Indianapolis

This is the game that the Titans will officially end their cold streak vs. Andrew Luck.

Titans 26 Colts 23

12. @ Chicago

The Bears aren’t that good, and the Titans defense will feast on Jay Cutler while Mariota and the offense flourish. The Bears’ only touchdown will be a rushing touchdown early in the first quarter.

Titans 24 Bears 10

13. vs. Broncos

7-5 and fighting to keep their playoff hopes alive, hosting the Superbowl champions, who virtually has no quarterback. It’ll be a close battle between the defenses in this one.

Titans 13 Broncos 10

14. @Kansas City

The Chiefs are pretty darn good sometimes. This is late in the year, it might be cold, and both teams will be trying to keep their playoff hopes alive. Titans defense will prevail.

Titans 19 Chiefs 16

15. @ Jacksonville

Titans usually split the series with the Jags. That’ll stay the case here in a close game, which ends with a late game mistake by the Titans offense, thus allowing the Jaguars to kneel it out.

Titans 20 Jaguars 22

16. vs. Texans

Last game, probably with a division spot on the line. Maybe for playoff chances. Loser’s out. Titans prevail.

Titans 30 Texans 23

Final Record: 10-6
Playoffs: ✔

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