Grizzlies are playoffs bound! Here’s 5 reasons why it’ll end vs. Spurs.


The Grizzlies had a rather forgettable season. Even though things seemed to get going in January, their season went downhill fast after Marc Gasol’s injury. His injury was the beginning of a host of other injuries to the roster.

As a result, Memphis ended the season 14-21. However, they still managed to slide into the playoffs. Their first opponent is a huge one: San Antonio Spurs. So, it’s likely their life in the playoffs won’t last long. Here are five reasons why.


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1. Too many injuries

This one is obvious. The Grizzlies signed a grand total of 28 players this season. That’s an NBA record! They’ve been the hottest destination for NBA D-League players to show off their skills. I’ll say, Memphis tried their best organizing the roster in a way that’ll give them the best chance to win. Unfortunately, it won’t be enough to get past San Antonio.

2. No momentum.

As mentioned before, Memphis is coming into this game only winning 14 of their last 35 games. That’s not nearly enough momentum you need to have a realistic shot at defeating the Spurs.

3. Spurs swept the season series

The Spurs swept Memphis this season. Three out of the four games were won by double digits. It’s safe to say San Antonio has the Grizzlies figured out this year, and I’m afraid Grizzlies’ fans need to be bracing for a sweep.

4. Opening two games are at San Antonio.

The Spurs only lost ONE game at home this season. That was to the Golden State Warriors. ONE game. That’s pretty impressive, but scary for Memphis’ fans. That statistic only lowers your already small enough chances of starting the series off on a good note. If the Grizzlies aren’t swept, it’s likely their win will come in games three and/or four at Memphis. But in game five, at San Antonio, could be the series ending game.

5. Grizzlies are without their best player.

Memphis has been without Marc Gasol for a long time, and they aren’t the same team without him. Zach Randolph has tried his best to step up in Gasol’s place, but his effort hasn’t been enough. Randolph just might get us to one win, but he won’t be enough to clinch this series for Memphis. Grizzlies will also be missing Conley as well, which is just as bad.

As a Tennessee native, I will definitely support the Grizzlies in their efforts to surprise everyone, including me. But, I don’t see them getting to round two.

Special thanks to @stantonsweeney for providing this headline as part of TNS’ Five Reason Friday!


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