#AskTNS: A Titan will breakout in 2016, but who?


Your Questions Answered

@a_woods28 asks: Is it the Preds time to take a series and take the NHL Playoffs by storm?

I certainly believe so. The Predators are an underrated team by NHL fans. Taking a 2-0 lead would make fans open their eyes and realize Nashville’s for real.

@justinjuranek asks: With the recent blockbuster trade, can you predict our first three draft picks?

The Titans are going to attempt another trade to get back into the top 10. Whether they trade or not, I think OL Ronnie Stanley will be selected with the first pick. Now, for me, it’s rather difficult to predict second round picks. I will ask TNS’ draft expert to do a exclusive Titans only mock draft just for you, but I’m willing to predict the positions they’ll target. Pick 15 (if not traded) OL. Pick 43 Safety. Pick 45 OL or CB .

@vfl13 asks: How is Memphis doing?

I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. I’m sure the city is doing fine. The NBA team is experiencing lots of injuries, but hopes to bounce back in the playoffs. The Tigers baseball team is 13-23.


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@stantonsweeney asks: Madden or 2k?

EASports, in my opinion, is doing terrible with developing Madden and making sure there’s something new to it every year. It seems the only thing that changes is the players. NBA2k, on the other hand, makes sure there’s a new storyline every year. They always make key improvements so the player feels like they are in an actual NBA game. (I.E Adding the ‘chewing on mouthguard’ feature) Little things like that makes the game realistic and enjoyable for me.

@_junior_3_ asks: Who are we going to get with the three second round picks, and is the trade to 4 possible?

To answer your first question, see @justinjuranek‘s answer. And do you mean trade to the 4th pick? If so, that would probably require us to give up almost everything we got from Los Angeles in the huge trade last Thursday. If Jon Robinson feels like there’s a player who will be available at number four that’s worth it, go for it.

@twotonedblues asks: Are the Titans going to be “the team to beat” this season? I’m looking forward to a good season.

I would love to finally see a competitive team at Nissan Stadium, and with the moves Jon Robinson is making, I’m convinced that we’re not far from it. However, I think this season will show a team that’s trying to gel together. There’s a new G.M, new coaches, new ownership, and a second year QB. With that recipe, we may not be a bad team, but we won’t be the team to beat. Maybe a bit of inconsistency (win here, lose there, barely make the playoffs if at all). Don’t get me wrong, as a fan, my answer to your question is YES! But, it’s best to be logical.


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@wallacekinloch asks: Who will be the breakout player for the Titans this year?

With the brand new system head coach Mike Mularkey is putting in, and the defensive guru Dick Lebeau on the sidelines, along with a general manager who isn’t afraid to shake things up, a player is bound to breakout for the Titans. But, who? I will give you three players I believe will breakout, then give you one out of three that’s more likely to happen.

1. Marcus Mariota

He admitted transitioning into the NFL was tough. It sure didn’t seem like it at times. This kid broke records and looked calm in the pocket. He was basically thrown into a bad situation and was asked to be a leader. He didn’t complain, he just showed up and lived up to the high expectations. Because of that, he’s destined for a break out year in season two. There’s virtually no doubt.

2. Dorial Green-Beckham

Usually, rookies hit a wall midway through their rookie season because there’s five more games they’re not used to. Yet, Green-Beckham exploded. I’m positive Mularkey will find ways for Mariota and Green-Beckham to connect, thus setting up a career year for Green-Beckham.

3. Jurrell Casey

I know, he’s already good. But, he hasn’t been able to really explode into that dominant defensive lineman, because the Titans have been rough during his career. Finally, the Titans will be set, and that will allow LeBeau to play with Casey’s exceptional talent. It’s fun watching Casey sack quarterbacks. We’ll see a lot of that in 2016.

Most likely to happen: Marcus Mariota

Honorable Mentions: RB DeMarco Murray. WR Kendall Wright. LB Brian Orakpo. RB Antonio Andrews


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