#AskTNS: Is Jon Robinson making Superbowl moves for Titans?


Your Questions Answered!

@justinjuranek asks: What are the pros and cons of our draft class this year?

Hey, Justin, want to know how you are an awesome, loyal, and active TNS Nation member? My phone remembers your Instagram name! Anyways, Pros: It’s a physical class. Really physical. Robinson is trying to create a physical, tough-in-the-trenches kind of team, which will open up the run and pass game for Marcus Mariota. Cons: Most of the guys he drafted aren’t expected to be immediate impacts. Only Henry and Conklin, and maybe one more.

@titanfan13 asks: Who do you think will be the starting RB for the Titans?

Murray. I doubt the Titans agreed to pay all of that money for DeMarco Murray just to have him back up a rookie. Although, it’ll be interesting to see the one-two punch of Murray and Henry.

@a_woods28 asks: Do you think [Kalan Reed] has a chance to be a starter or is he more of a project?

He’ll be more of a project. I would hope he becomes a huge steal, that would be fantastic. But, he may need some mentoring by LeBeau before he reaches his potential.

@elijah5pittman asks: What grade would you give the Titans draft?

They attacked the trenches, they somehow ended up with Derrick Henry, and they made necessary trades without giving up too much. I’d give it an A-.

@c_aleb79 asks: What is going to be the most explosive part of the Titans?

The running game, in my opinion, will be back to what Tennessee is used to seeing. That’s whether or not Henry is a draft bust. I believe DeMarco Murray will go back to his Dallas days and give the Titans their first 1,000 yard rusher in a long time.

@_born2write_ asks: Do you think Kevin Byard has a chance to start this year?

Hmm.. I think they’ll give him some chances to show what he has to offer. If he uses those times to prove himself, you can expect him to start no later than the beginning of next season. He has tremendous talent.

@strackedille asks: Between the two CBs we have, Mr. Irrelevant Kalan Reed and Leshaun Sims, who do you think will turn out as a better player?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say Reed, since he has a bigger chip on his shoulder. It’s hard to tell as of now, but maybe we’ll get a clear view during training camp.

@camr110 asks: How do you think the Titans will do since the draft is over?

Logically, I’d say Robinson is leading us to a 6-7 win season. But, as a fan, I say we will jump to 10-11 wins. I hope my fan prediction is right. Sometimes logic isn’t always true.


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              ⭐Headlining Question

@twotonedblues asks: Do you think Robinson is heading in the right direction with this team?

I remember when Robinson was being considered by the Titans ownership. I thought it was a bad idea. They hired him because he was reportedly the ONLY general manager willing to work with head coach Mike Mularkey. Now, I’m thrilled that we landed such a GM that shows no fear in doing his job.

The moves he make are job risking, which is exactly what the Titans need. They can only go two ways: Really great or really bad. No more conservative offseason moves!

Here’s a snapshot of what he’s done: he went for offensive and defensive line in free agency, and landed a top tier running back in DeMarco Murray. And in the draft, he went big. He attacked the trenches and probably set QB Marcus Mariota up for the next decade.

That being said, I think Robinson is making the right choices, but there’s no way to tell if he’s heading in the right direction. Only time will tell.


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